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Thank you! I tried to explain this to my employees. Some got it, others still drink the kool aide.
Steny Hoyer (D) .... Nuff said!
Lois, I am ok with the with holding if the money was put into an account I control and can decide what to invest in for my future. It is my money, not yours or the feds.
Rational thinking like you have is not possible to Libs. Quicker they are on the plantation the better.
Frank and Dodd were even bigger! Pelosi and Reid are the cover ups.
LOL! Unfortunately the MSM will ignore.
FDR showed what the Feds can and will do if needed. Confiscate private holdings. Obama has gone down that road already.... GM.
Fourth! Townhall needs a LIKE button! Unknown3rdParty I have been looking too, Constitution Party is looking good to me!
The "progressives" don't see it like that. They want Utopia and think if you do this you will prevent future gun violence. Spartacus is right. Ignorance is bliss!
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