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Krauthammer: This is a Meltdown of Obama's Middle East Policy

right2think Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 9:42 AM
Americans really need to understand this President. He grew up sitting doe eyed at the knees of revolutionaries starting with his mother, absorbing their radical leftist thoughts like a sponge. The end result is that when the man hears the word "redistribution" he has to sit down or stand behind a podium to keep things from getting embarrassing. That's why he sides with the Occupiers and their violent, anarchists ideology. And that's why middle east leaders in the Arab spring were doomed. Obama saw the uprisings in Egypt and Libya as redistribution of wealth and power. Those who believe in a strong and free private sector have no friend in the White House.

Riots in the Middle East continue to rage as we learn more about the terror attack carried out on the U. S. Embassy that left four dead including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens. Last night on Special Report, columnist Charles Krauthammer described the situation as a meltdown and collapse of President Obama's Middle East policy.

"What we are seeing on the screen is the meltdown, collapse of the Obama policy on the Muslim world," Charles Krauthammer said on the panel segment of FOX News' "Special Report" tonight. "The irony is that it began in Cairo, in the same place...