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When a group of people (Democrats) can only be happy when they have free and unrestricted access to murdering babies in the womb, there is no wonder that survey after survey; poll after poll, consistently show that Conservatives are happier and more content than Liberals. This Liberal obsession with abortion is reminiscent of how Hollywood portrays vampires as craving human warmth, something they can never again experience.
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Obama's Incompetence Sinks In

right2think Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 10:47 AM
Barack Obama was a harmonic convergence of bad news for America when he was elected in 2008: 1. He was a neophyte politically at the federal level. 2. The bulk of his political experience was from the toxic and highly partisan political landscape of Chicago. 3. Because of his race and charismatic personality the MSM refuse to vet him. 4. His Chicago political experience led him to attack the opposition right out of the gate instead of working with them, leading to a permanently, sharply divided government. 5. His arrogance has kept him from learning from his mistakes. The end result is a terrible President who has damaged the United States both at home and abroad.
I agree. But telling women they have to leave their jobs to get the benefits they want is a real non-starter as political positions go. It's a bad line to float in front of moderates in an election year. As the old saying goes, "It won't sell in Peoria," at least not with moderates. It's an argument best left behind.
Very true. And it's exactly why liberals tell more lies. Because they believe the end justifies the means and if their lies get them what they want, they lie like rugs. If Americans want more character and integrity in government they have to vote for Conservatives.
I like Katie Pavlich quite a lot and generally respect her opinion. But she missed the boat with her comment, "If women want contraception coverage, they have the option of opting out of jobs that do not provide what they are looking for. " That's not the point. The point is that the Hobby Lobby decision doesn't deny women anything. That have the exact same access to abortifacients as they had before the ACA. To be specific: why does someone else have to pay for your exercise of your "right" and the SCOTUS correctly answered, "They don't."
So let's work this out. One group fights for the right to let women lead totally selfishly, bed hopping like Vegas hookers without consequences; and the other groups lives lives of humble faith, selflessly serving the poor. Who gets the "dirty" tag here?
There needs to be a law on the books: If you enter the United States illegally the Federal Government may depot you for cause or may consider applications for a permanent resident alien status. However anyone granted permanent resident alien status under those circumstances can never become a United States citizen. The only resident aliens who can apply for citizenship are those who entered the country legally. Obviously this entirely depends on the GOP having the Oval Office, the Senate and the House. But if they gain these, it needs to be done. Resident aliens still enjoy enormous benefits but their must be consequences for entering the county illegally and it should be full citizenship with it's voting rights.
The word impassable is foolish in this context. These people swim thru disease ridden septic ponds to reach the US. They crawl thru incredibly dangerous and poorly constructed tunnels that can and do cave in. They cross vast stretches of desert where there's no food or water. And yes, many die. But many make it. To use to the term "impassable" is reflect an ignorance of the border situation.
The Korean border is 160 miles. The Berlin Wall was considerably less (87 miles). The US - Mexican border stretches 1954 miles over some of the most desolate real estate in North America. That's why it's a haven for smugglers of all kinds: drugs and human beings for starters. That's why drug cartels have armed lookout posts in OUR national forests and US citizens are warned not to recreate in our own natural areas. A wall will help, but only if it's backed by lots of bodies, just like the two examples you cited.
The examples Charles gave fail because those fences cover relatively small areas and, more importantly, are guarded by people with a will to keep those fences safe. That is what we need on the border now, 20,000 troops with the mission and the equipment to keep the border safe. Unfortunately we have a President who's put big, lighted "One Way" signs on the border and they all point north.
I think you meant to write, "his realm", but I see your point.
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