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My word would be arrogant. Arrogant to the bone. Arrogant in his dealings with Congress. Arrogant in his dealings with our allies. He does not want or need any other opinion or counsel but his own. He is supremely arrogant, a fatal flaw in a president and pretty terrible for America too.
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The Problem With Obama's Tax Plan

right2think Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 9:39 AM
New speech, same BO. Ideas that stink.
The President will try to take a victory lap for something he didn't do, and in fact would have stopped if he could. The majority of America's current economic recovery is being fueled by the energy boom and he would have ended it before it started to kiss the feet of he green base. But states did it outside of the President's reach. The reason the middle class and poor are not seeing a lot of the gains is due to his administration. Average Americans and their companies/employers are paying more for healthcare because of Obamacare and for all the other expensive, intrusive federal regulations that flow out of this While House like the Mississippi River through New Orleans.
Unless it's being discussed by the Obama administration. Then they will say "Far right extremists commit workplace violence."
It's called rationalization. Libs love the book Fifty Shades of Gray because it's their life's mantra.
Hey, who let those French cops have guns?
i wonder if this arbiter of hate and violence understands that by USA Today publishing his septic discharge, we win. Not a big fan of USA Today, but my hat is off to them this time. They are the proof that everything he wrote is a lie.
There not Islamic and Howard Dean's not sentient. It all makes sense now.
I know Danny Webster personally. To describe him as "wanting to be on TV and radio" is insane and/or incredibly ignorant. He is a humble and decent man whose primary concern about Washington is the almost total lack of integrity. And with Florida completely in play in the 2016 presidential elections, Boehner is likely to find his punitive moves biting him and the entire GOP in the backside in two years because so far the only reps he's vented his bitterness on are Florida reps. Very, very, very dumb.
This thread is certainly short, though I hit Townhall fairly regularly and I think this article is a recent add. But fear on this issue is certainly palpable. Kudos to Townhall for showing the "offensive" cartoons though.
The apologists have begun, western apologists where free speech is supposedly valued and protected. While lamely decrying the violence at Charlie Hebdo, they use polite terms to imply that Hebdo brought this on themselves by antagonizing muslims. Shame on them, a bitter and terrible shame for their vile cowardice. What do these hypocrites think, magazines and newspapers that make their money carrying ads for alcoholic beverages and women's underwear? When the time comes, do they believe that they will be safe from the rage of radical Islam because they licked it's boots on this issue? Radical Islam wants the world controlled by sharia law. There is no place in its precepts for western style journalism. The west, including our hand-wringing new organizations, must either stand up for freedom of speech or lay down and get walked on. Speech that is not free to offend is not free. There is no place in this fight for the faint of principles.
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