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I do believe that the correct term is Global Climate Shakedown. When will we finally figure out that the UN stands for UNjust, UNethical, and mostly UNAmerican. It's time to get them a shiny new headquarters in Tehran.
The obvious question is: Why aren't Americans terrified by a President who sees every department, bureau, and office in his Administration as first and foremost a tool to use to punish and silence his enemies? America is in a very dark and dangerous place these days, and our leadership, devoid of any character or courage, is to blame.
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Feminists Demand TV Agitprop

right2think Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 11:36 AM
What's funnier than dead babies? But why stop there? We need sitcoms about domestic violence. It would really help out the NFL if we could all get a good laugh out of smacking the wife and kids around. And don't forget elderly abuse, another comedic gold mine. Or we could go trendy, ISIS and Ebola both have the potential to be hysterical. With all this side-splitting material available, radical feminists should not limit themselves or Hollywood. Think of the laughs we'll miss.
What? Obama lied to America about his healthcare legislation. Unheard of!!!!!
Both quippy and accurate. Very nice
Agree completely. This assignment was thoroughly malicious in it's intent and the teacher should be severely disciplined.
That's because they are as immoral as the current administration. They sold their sold to leftist policies so they have no voice except as shrill sock puppets for the radical left. They are the American version of TASS in the old U.S.S.R., just a political spin machine.
When Reagan ran against Carter he asked America if, after 4 years of the Carter administration, Americans felt better off. In the next election it will be more basic for anyone running against the eventual left wing, progressive, Democrat (Clinton, Warren, whomever). All they will have to ask is: After 8 years of Obama's lying, backstabbing, cheating, dividing, corrupting; if we elect another progressive will there even be an America 4 years from now? s
When is come to ISIS, you could pour maple syrup on the White House and hang a "Waffle House" sign on the door. But when it comes to taking down nuns, they're steely-eyed and rock hard in their commitment. Sleep well America.
You're response is factually wrong. Mr Dysinger did not offend "people", he offended "person", apparently about 1/7000th of the population of Winooski. Hardly a public outcry. I doubt making a stand against a single malcontent would have collapsed his business.
To paraphrase George Santayana: Those who cannot (will not) defend their rights are condemned to lose them.
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