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This is Obama's MO, Get the free stuff rolling from the federal dole and then sit back and watch the fur fly if anyone or anything tries to take it away. It's his same plan with his illegal immigrants amnesty program. Hand out 5 million social security cards, work permits and drivers licenses then, even if SCOTUS rules against Obama's executive orders next year, you'll never undo the damage. He wins anyway. The democratic party is the single largest vote-buying scheme in history, and it's all paid for with our tax dollars.
Hold the presses!!! You mean the liberal press of the Unites States would rather lob softball questions about Giuliani then force the president's press secretary to deal openly with tough issues? I'm shocked.
Once again this president proves how petty and small minded he is. This judge tore the mask off his fake emergency and obama doesn't like it. There's no rush. Obama could put in place an order to keep these people in the US, and just that. He could wait another year for a SCOTUS ruling on the rest of his executive orders. But he wants these people to have SS cards, work permits and drivers licenses now because he knows if he loses at the SC, it won't matter. How do you roll back 5 million SS cards? You don't. He wins anyway and the judge called him on it. That's the mindset of the spoiled man-child in the Oval Office.
Cuomo spoke, and sayeth to the masses, "Be thou not deluded! Thou rights comest not from a god. They are granted by the gentle hand of thine state." And all Barrack's people said, "Yea!"
Who is this guy? Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D) - Tijuana.
Sooooo, if, in an economic downturn, I lose my job and my house; I can come to your house and cut your head off. You're apparently good with that. In "MaxUrderer World" no job = excuse for unparalleled savagery. Makes sense to someone, you apparently. Not normal people though.
EXACTLY!!!! That's like justifying the death of 6 million Jews because Germany got a raw deal in the Treaty at Versailles. What kind of idiotic logic is that? When you lock people in cages and burn them to death, you have no legitimate grievances. Nothing about you is legitimate. You're rabid dogs worthy only of being put down.
There it is in a nutshell. ISIS is not a band of vile, malignant, black-hearted, ruthless killers. They're poor, misguided delinquents, who just need jobs. Like kids caught throwing rocks at streetlights. That perfectly sums up Obama's "America is the root of all evil in the world" mentality. Figure it out America, before it's too late. This president hates this nation and everything it stands for. He is the anti-america American President and he's fast tracking us to destruction.
There should be a rule. Rule #1: All ISIS members are the moral equipment of rabid dogs. There will be no Guantanamo Bay type prisons for these animals. If you are ISIS, you get a bullet. Drop your weapons, raise a white flag, you still get a bullet. There needs to be zero chance that any one of these demented psychotic killers should ever, ever have the chance to bear a weapon in the name of Allah ever again. The only way this happens - they all die.
"A welfare state without borders." Nice, very nice; a clear and succinct description of the Obama agenda. The sign at the border used to say, "Welcome to the United States." Now it says, "Free stuff for everybody!"
The Obama injustice department has already petitioned the 5th Circuit for relief from the injunction. The best guestimate that I've read elsewhere is that it might take up to 3 weeks before the court rules on their petition. Dems on the fence in the Senate regarding the DHS funding bill will sit on their hands till the 5th Circuit rules on the petition, you can count on that.
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