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A tough but valid point. Many of the Muslims in Gaza may not actually be members of Hamas, but that doesn't stop them from taking to the streets to celebrate the deaths of Israeli boys. If you don't speak against terrorism, you are part of it. If all the non-Hamas residents of Gaza took to the streets to protest their presence and demand they take their rockets and leave, I'm thinking they would leave. That is what the civilized world waits to see.
Can we boycott the Senate instead? At least I get value for my dollar at BK.
If I had a mortgage at 8% and I could refinance with a different lender for 4%, the original lender could cry loss of income all they wanted, I would would move my loan. Only an idiot pays more when they don't have to.
Correction: It's a "soon to be 23 billion dollar" dump. Somebody's buying Whoppers, even if it isn't you.
They're in out streets, we're in their skies. Can you say, "Dresden"? The only question is, do we have the leadership with the fortitude to do what needs to be done? We are dealing with an enemy that is not interested in negotiating and only respects strength. We must reduce their strongholds and military conquests (Syrian and Iraqi bases) to smoldering ruins. That they will understand.
It is a totally pathetic reality in our country that when a news anchor stares into the camera and says, "A new and highly dangerous terror threat is emerging," most Americans think "ISIS". Liberal Dems and their boot licking main-stream media lackeys think "Tea Party Republicans." Whenever people like our President and Senate Majority leader whine about why we all don't get along, they need to look in the mirror.
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No Facts, No Peace

right2think Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 2:28 PM
Under this administration the debate on race relations is closed: white people are still ignorant, knuckle-dragging bigots. The debate on man-made global warming is closed: it exists so we need to heedlessly spend billions and ruin our economy. The debate on big, abusive, intrusive government is closed: it's good so get used to it. The minds of the left have snapped shut so forcefully, I fear they're closed forever.
And "guilty with no hope of proving innocent" is the standard at the U.N., the last place in the world to expect justice of any kind.
Sorry doctor feelgood, but marijuana does have addictive components, like tobacco does. Also, it is, for a certain percentage of users, a gateway drug. Facts: what a pain eh?
The cocaine and heroin trades are far more violent then pot. I guess we better legalize them next to cut down violence in Central American and Mideast countries. I am confident that the UN could give a rat's rump about thousands of dead American drug addicts so long as there's less drug violence in the rest of the world. Two thumbs up to that plan.
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