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The thing that amazes me is how much water other poltroons like the MSM are willing to haul for this total albatross of a president. Rep/ Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) who is a Captain in the Hawaii National Guard and has served in the Middle East, took Obama, (who has served himself pot, that's about it) to task for not using the term "Islamic terrorism" and the left freaked out. They've been after her like a pack of rabid dogs. Her point was simple. YOU HAVE TO IDENTIFY YOUR ENEMY TO FIGHT THEM. Unfortunately while I am willing to give Rep. Gabbard kudos for the effort, what she fails to understand is that to Obama, we (Americans) are the enemy.
Nicely put DrawThe_Line. that is exactly the stance a leader of character and integrity would take. The Iranians are completely invalidated by their own words and actions from possessing nuclear weapons.
Be afraid of real courage Mr. Obama, be very afraid.
It's the frickin' 21st century. Everybody does backups. Everybody! The IRS lie about Lerner's hard drive crashing and all her emails being permanently lost was obvious and insulting. The whole bunch should be in prison.
You called it my friend. We're talking the Windy City here. Corruption in Cook County? Unheard of!! If's a bastion of defense for liberties of the common man. And I almost typed this out with a straight face.
The United States of America was founded by men who believed that our fundamental rights were given by God and therefore should never be lightly abridged by the institutions of government. That alone made America exceptional. Were these truths perfectly applied? No. But America also wears her mistakes on her sleeve. Get Russia to talk openly of Stalin's purges or China of Mao's Cultural Revolution. Millions died but they don't discuss it. Americans are not proud of their mistakes but we will talk openly, and freely, about them. America is exceptional, with an inherent greatness. These things, and others, make America truly great.
Here's another crazy idea. Go nuclear and push the bill to a straight up or down vote. Call it the "Reid Reversal" and let Harry call Obama personally and tell him, "I don't know where the GOP could possibly have gotten the idea for this, but we were unable to stop it. The bill is headed to your desk Barry." Hey Harry, one guess what payback is?
This "short term solution" has the stench of unfunded mandate all over it. Where is Hatch going to find the money to keep subsidizing insurance packages?
The polls show one hard truth. The majority of Americans don't like Obamacare (about 57%). But by an even larger number, (around 70%), they don't want people who have insurance under the ACA to lose it if the act loses in court. And if it does, and these people do lose their insurance, polls also show that they will blame the GOP and we will take a bath in 2016. Obama understands, and functions on, one basic premise for his government expansion programs:: Take away people's free stuff at your peril.
This is Obama's MO, Get the free stuff rolling from the federal dole and then sit back and watch the fur fly if anyone or anything tries to take it away. It's his same plan with his illegal immigrants amnesty program. Hand out 5 million social security cards, work permits and drivers licenses then, even if SCOTUS rules against Obama's executive orders next year, you'll never undo the damage. He wins anyway. The democratic party is the single largest vote-buying scheme in history, and it's all paid for with our tax dollars.
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