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Now comes the time of the Jane Crow laws with Boss Parker and her boys riding roughshod over them pesky Bible thumpers. Remember the motto of America from the 60's and 70's; "I man not agree with you, but I'll defend with your rights my right to shut you up." Okay, I changed it little. Once upon a time America fought for the right of dissent. No we fight to silence it.
I appreciate Attorney General Abbott's intervention. It was timely and well intended. However I would almost have preferred to see this thing run its course and have the mayor and her lawyers get slapped down in court with a finding that this was a clearly unconstitutional act. Based on what Todd noted in his article, that may still happen. Here's hoping!
Constitutionally, it does not matter if these churches were involved in organizing against the ordinance. That falls with the guidelines of the restrictions set by the IRS (which are also onerous) and therefore their communications are still covered by Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. There is no legal basis for these subpoenas beyond left wing contempt for the Constitution and American rule of law and a vicious, malevolent determination to silence all opposition to their agenda.
It is in poor taste. It's boorish. It doesn't help or solve anything. And it is her free speech right under the Constitution.
Why does anyone fall for this nonsense? We're quarantining 22 million people? Really? They all had vacation plans out of their countries this fall? That's a ludicrous statement. And once again, "Yes", emphatically yes! They do build walls around fires, they're called firebreaks. And lastly the number of sky routes into the US from West Africa my be large, but they're not infinite. Only the indecision of a waffling President and the duplicity of his idiotic minions is keeping this common sense step from happening. Stop the blasted planes and passengers!!
Well, to paraphrase the old Edison Lighthouse song: Love (and other things) grows where my Cylvia goes, and everyone knows but me." The heart wants what the heart wants Governor.
Being a registered Democrat requires you to leave your moral compass at the door. When your entire ethos is built on a perpetually sliding scale, there is not limit to how low you can go or what base, immoral, and/or generally repugnant tactics you can use. (See Alison Lundergan Grimes and the art of the political lie). The end justifies the means. When in Dem speak translates to, "Screw integrity, just get elected."
Look at this way: Suppose a forest fire was spreading towards your house and right behind your house was a parking lot with 3 LNG tank trucks parked there. Which would you rather hear the major of your town say? "I have ever confidence that our fire crews can keep the fire away from those gas trucks." Or, "We found the owner and we're moving the trucks." I'm for the second one. Let's keep ebola patients out of the US. A travel ban, it's that simple. We shut down travel to Tel Aviv in a heartbeat when we thought American flights were at risk from Hamas rockets. It's a no-brainer and common sense. Which is why sensible average people don't believe government "experts" who like to tell us it can't be done.
There is a fundamental philosophical difference between Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives believe in absolute standards of right and wrong while Liberals believe in situation ethics and relative standards of morality. Therefore it makes perfect sense that Liberals would be more likely to see lies as a reasonable tool to achieve their goals, under "the end justifies the means" line of thought. This is certainly not to claim that all Conservatives tell the truth or that there are no honest Liberals. However, as a general mindset, it is reasonable to assert, based on accepted standards of morality, that Liberals are more likely to lie to achieve intended goals.
The line from Tom Lehrer's song about Harvard comes to mind, "Ivy covered professors in Ivy covered halls." Our institutions of higher indoctrination seek only to be insulated from opposing ideas. It is the very antithesis of true learning. That our colleges and universities have become nothing more than propaganda mills or cosseted re-education gulags , should be a matter of critical concern to all Americans of good conscience.
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