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All that's missing is Obama dropping all pretense and standing at the border to perosnally welcome these illegals and hand out green cards. But that would require honesty and integrity. He has none.
From Barack Obama's unreleased college transcripts: GV301: Defying the Constitution and Flagrant Abuse of Executive Power - A+ GV501: Blatant Deception and the Art of Assuming Ignorance of the Governed - A+ Gv302: Transparency as Propaganda and Obfuscation as Policy - A+ He was an honor student.
True. And if you attend a real lefty elite college like Harvard or Yale it's also infused into the air you breath and the water your drink, for a toally thorough saturation.
It would be nice if that were the case. Unfortunately, if the DOJ can take jurisdiction and does, to the best of my knowledge there is nothing the state can do about it. Classic federal government usurpation of state authority.
I need to make sure I have this straight. GOP Governors have legitimate concerns over a vast expansion of federal powers, and they're evil. But Kruger thinks Americans are stupid and deliberately lies to them and that's not evil? I guess every lefty college in America (including MIT) has a mandatory intro course labeled, "Being A Lefty Elitist Means Never Having To Be Wrong But Knowing That Everyone Else Is - 101"
We're writing Obama's presidential history eh? I'll take a crack. First term - FAILED! Second term - FAILED MISERABLY! That's it. Print it and ship it.
I am convinced that Obama is nowhere near as smart as his rep. But he knew one thing last year about his ACA,: just get the checks rolling. Once the checks roll, touching entitlement programs can be political suicide. If the GOP lets the ACA die with two years till a replacement is enacted; every lost insurance policy is a vote in the bank for Democrats.
The problem is, for people living below the poverty line, catastrophic care doesn't cover a lot of routine care that children need. If you don't cover that, you're toast at the polls. At lot of the people living at that level are single moms. Also, you jack the Dems up with a continuous feed belt of political ammo. Healthcare has to at least insure that ALL America children can get decent care.
This article is dangerously accurate. While conservatives and freedom loving Americans across the nation are hoping that King v. Burwell will deal a mortal blow to the ACC, it could prove a pyrrhic victory for the GOP on Capitol Hill. The problem rests totally with the fact that, when SCOTUS decides this case, HRH Arrogance will still be sitting in the Oval Throne Room. American don't like this law, but they don't like other Americans without health insurance either. They also like the portability and family coverage provisions. The GOP will need to proceed with caution. If the whole ACA ends up going down in a ball of flames with nothing to replace it, the GOP will face a very angry electorate in 2016. I'm sure that's what POUTUS is hoping for. It might be wise to send Nobama a bill that extends coverages for the states only until 2016. Then, if the GOP holds the Congress and takes the While House, the Abominable Care Act can be properly killed and replaced with honest, common sense legislation.
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A Tent Too Big

right2think Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 5:03 PM
By the way, I am a Conservative Christian and Jeb Bush won't be able to buy my vote in the Primaries. But if wins the nod, he can count on me in the general election.
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