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Team Obama: No Birth Control Means No Future for Young Girls

right-side-up Wrote: May 21, 2012 6:09 PM
Now that we've solved the problem of securing the future for young women, how about doing something for young men? Who is going to pay for our video games? If we have to buy our video games ourselves, then we will have no money left for college, and our lives will be ruined.

In the latest round of failed "War on Women" rhetoric, team Obama has released a new web ad portraying the futures and dreams of young American girls as unattainable unless they have mandated birth control coverage paid for by someone else.

There are many problems with this ad.

The first: The use of contraception is not controversial, forcing others, including religious institutions morally opposed to contraception, to cover and pay for contraception, is.

The second: Contraception is readily available at an inexpensive price pretty much everywhere.