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Here Comes Incest, Just as Predicted

right-side-up Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 10:40 PM
Where is there left to go? Polygamy will obviously be legalized fairly quickly: historically it's been much more widely accepted than homosexuality, plenty of animals have polygamous relationships so it's "natural", etc. I don't pedophilia is far behind. Today they talk about "consenting adults", but the key arguments for homosexuality have always been "you have no right to impose your morals on me" and "why should we need a law to be allowed to love each other". The first clearly applies to pedophilia as much as to homosexuality. And as to the second, who wants to take bets on how long before they start saying, "You are saying it's wrong to love a child? Do you hate children? What's wrong with you?"

If all human beings should have the right to marry (or simply be with) the one they love, as proponents of same-sex marriage constantly tell us, then why shouldn’t adult, incestuous couples enjoy that same “right”? Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes is the latest to say, “Why not?”, and I for one am not in the least bit surprised.

Simply stated, with the public endorsement of same-sex relationships, the endorsement (or at least acceptance) of consensual, adult, incestuous relationships is the next step. Consider the following:

· Already in April, 2007, Time Magazine featured a major article entitled, “Should...