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Florida Governor to DOJ Over Voter Rolls Purge: Get Lost

right-side-up Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 6:42 PM
Florida should write an open letter to the DOJ asking them to specify exactly which dead people and non-citizens should be allowed to vote. Demand a list of the criteria to be applied. Should only some dead people be allowed to vote and not others?
Arby Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 6:48 PM
Only the ones who vote Democratic should be allowed to vote, according to Holder. Any person, dead or alive, who votes Republican (according to Eric anyway) should immediately be counted as dead, and possibly rendered that way too. Which is why, ANY negative message from Gov. Scott to Eric "My People" Holder is music to my ears. Ridding of Washington DC of Eric Holder may finally return JUSTICE to this country.
Red Spot in a Blue State Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 6:57 AM
I wonder if Brian Terry will vote.......

Two weeks ago, the Justice Department warned Florida not to purge their voter registration rolls, rolls that have thousands of illegal immigrants, dead people and felons on them. A letter was sent from DOJ to the Florida Secretary of State demanding saying the move to clean up the rolls had not been approved by the Voting Rights Act. Despite demands from DOJ, Florida has moved forward with the purge of ineligible voters and now, DOJ is suing Florida over the issue and Florida is suing the Department of Homeland Security for refusing them access to the I.C.E database. Florida...