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Now that we've solved the problem of securing the future for young women, how about doing something for young men? Who is going to pay for our video games? If we have to buy our video games ourselves, then we will have no money left for college, and our lives will be ruined.
Hey, give the guy a break. He's finding it tougher and tougher to find people who are still alive who support him. So naturally he has to start getting endorsements from dead people.
Maybe I'm missing something on the mural. I've seen pictures of it, and as far as I can tell, it is showing this one particular person going through various experiences in life, culminating in marriage and a child. Nothing I see on the photos of the mural indicates that this is the only possible thing one could do in life, or even necessarily that it is better than other choices. Have we really reached the point where just mentioning one person's life choices is offensive to those who make different choices? If so, how can we possibly talk about life at all? Are we only allowed to mention things that literally every single person in the world does? But surely that makes any discussion about life banal.
Umm, let's think hard now ... Maybe because if they simply called themselves "straight", we would lose the relevant fact that they used to be gay. If someone used to be a plumber and is now an accountant, yes, it would be accurate to call him an "accountant", but it would also be perfectly accurate to call him a "former plumber", and if we are trying to make some point about people quitting the plubming profession, describing him as an accountant without mentioning that he used to be a plumber would leave it entirely unclear why he was relevant to the discussion.
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20 Only In America Ironies

right-side-up Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 5:29 PM
Regarding #12: Instead of agonizing over what we have to do to make Arabs like us so they'll stop killing our people, why don't we just bomb a few of their cities into rubble, and let THEM worry about what THEY have to do to make us stop killing them?
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