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The Pain of 2 Pennies

rigby4 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 10:43 PM
From what I've seen of TSA people at airports half of them don't do much
scJazz Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 1:47 PM
That is different from a Union worker how? More to the point the Fed has to have these useless employees to prove they are tough on Security. Ahhhh... to be paid to be useless!

Like a breathless 13 year old girl at a One Direction concert, President Obama raced around the nation over the last week attempting to frighten Americans into opposing the modest cuts to the federal budget due through the sequester process on March 1. Never mind that the sequester was President Obama's idea. Never mind that these cuts amount to just 2 cents on every dollar of the federal budget. And, never mind that his Administration has made history, in a bad way, by running four straight trillion dollar plus deficits.

No, there was the President standing in front of...

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