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Wow: CBS News President and WH Official Tied to Benghazi Scandal Are Brothers

RiffRaff Wrote: May 11, 2013 5:47 PM
Hume's comment tells us more about Hume than it does about Rhodes. And it is immaterial. Rhodes may be apolitical, he may be a hard core business man with little to no political activism in his blood BUT he is Ben's brother. Sheryl Attkinsson has been taking heat from CBS when none appears warranted. Why? Considering how blatantly liberal/or sympathetic towards Obama many reporters are and they're NOT hammered, CBS is hammering a reporter who tells the truth even if it isn't complementary towards this regime, It's hard to believe a conflict of interest isn't at play. Maybe they should favor a little right leaning 'favoritism' to balance the scale since they can't seem to stay objective. Lies beget lies.


One of the mainstream media journalists whose pursuit of the truth has been truly tenacious and nonpartisan is CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson.  Her tough reporting has made life difficult for everyone from Hillary Clinton to the Bush administration and Congressional Republicans.  She's also been relentless on the Obama administration's Fast & Furious gun-running scandal -- and, of course, Benghazi.  As