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Terrific: Any Hope for Border Security Killed By Senate and Gang of 8 Republicans

RiffRaff Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 4:57 PM
The Gange of Eight said all along that they would accept no amendment that fundamentally changes THEIR brain child. It's their way or the highway. Their Bill or no Bill. This Bill is so defective it makes Obamacare almost seem reasonable. We must not let these caterers to special interest give away America to law breakers who are disloyal to their country's of birth. Legal immigration is good and the US is one of the most open countries on the planet. Schumer's Bill is completely unacceptable.
The United States Senate has just killed an amendment submitted by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to secure the southwest border with Mexico before any kind of amnesty or legalization for illegal immigrants is granted. All four Republican members of the Gang of 8, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham voted with Harry Reid to table the amendment. Reid only received five total votes from Republicans. They came from those in the Gang of 8 and Lisa Murkowski.