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Planned Parenthood: If Abortion Fails & Baby Is Born, Parents Should Be Allowed To Kill Baby

RiffRaff Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 9:13 PM
If an abortionist delivers a live baby is he legally bound to protect it? Or, is he not held responsible, legally, for the life of the infant after he hands it to a nurse? Is this a question of ethics and morality or is there a law that specifically addresses abortionists since they appear to hide sociopathic if not homicidal tendencies? Maybe if there isn't a law there should be, just so there's no question about it here in liberal Amurika. I'd love to see that debate. How many liberals will argue against holding the doctor responsible especially since I doubt very many recently aborted women will strangle their just born child to finish the procedure.
BudWiser Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 9:20 PM
I'd love to see that debate.

We have the opportunity to do just that with the Gosnell trial.

the media decided we don't need to have that debate, because they don't want people to know th truth about abortion
RiffRaff Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 9:48 PM
We also might want to email our congress critters and suggest this is an issue and a law whose time has come, since apparently the idea of "First do no harm" has fallen prey to profits.
MudontheTires Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 10:46 PM
"since apparently the idea of "First do no harm" has fallen prey to profits."

WAIT A MINUTE! I thought only Conservatives were motivated by profit! (sarc)

I'm guessing Planned Parenthood would classify this as an "honor killing."

The video sets the mood for Obama's up-and-coming Friday morning speech at the annual gala for Planned Parenthood where he was originally set to be the key note speaker, but only recently decided to back out.

Planned Parenthood lobbyist, Alisa LaPolt [say it with me: where's my hyphen?] Snow appeared before the Florida State House and candidly answered this question posed to her from Rep. Jim Boyd (R). "If a baby is born on a table as part of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want...