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Legalization-First Could Scuttle Immigration Plan

RiffRaff Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 1:59 AM
The three step gang of 8 plan is a non-starter. It might as well be a one step plan, grant amnesty to the illegal aliens, because that's the only step they care about. This same failed plan surfaced during McCain/Kennedy and it was very unpopular. NO AMNESTY. US laws have been broken, dues must be paid. Rewarding law breakers is a horrible idea. What kind of disrespectful idiot thinks up these ideas? Border control must be worthy of the US. It must be efficient, effective, and comnplete. This is a security issue affecting all of us and our country. The gange of 8 should realize they're playing fast and loose with their security. After the border is secured, maybe after a year of proven border control, a plan to identify and
RiffRaff Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 2:03 AM
disincentivize more illegal crossing should be devised. Identify and card the bad guys, give them a year to return to their countries. Simultaneously, the US and Mexico need to come to an honest understanding about Mexico's disrespect for the US, our government, our culture, and our laws. Their support of illegality is detrimental to the US. All the benefits the US receives from foreign, low cost labor can be maintained without the burden of caring for the stupid illegals after they get here. It is time for Congress to think of the nation first, not their personal philosophies or feelings. Congress lies to us, it disserves us, is it any wonder it is so unpopular?
To hear Sen. Charles Schumer tell it, lawmakers crafting an immigration reform bill will focus on two big tasks. "First, defining metrics that demonstrate that the border is secure," the New York Democrat explained at a Jan. 31 news conference. "Second, defining exactly what the path to citizenship looks like and how it proceeds."

For Schumer and some Senate colleagues, that is the short version of immigration reform: first, border security, and second, a path to citizenship.

But immigration reform as envisioned by the so-called Gang of Eight is actually a three-step process. Schumer left out the first part: immediate...