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Illegal Immigrant: Don't Call Me "Illegal"

RiffRaff Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 2:43 PM
Riddle me this. What is the advantage to America and her citizens of rewritoing the immigration law to accomodate the illegal alien and extant law breaker? Amnesty is not a positive step for America. It is an accomodation, a reward for law breaking. When did America get into the business of accomodating illegality?

Back in December, "undocumented Americans" were in the running to become TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year" and just two weeks ago, Democratic Rep. John Conyers referred to illegal immigrants as simply "out of status" Americans. Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas asked Congress not to call him "illegal."

Jose Antonio Vargas, an illegal immigrant and former reporter, scolded a congressional panel on Wednesday, saying that he should not be called illegal, and saying it is an insult to his family who brought him here.