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Borders are federal responsibility. Given Obama's tendency to see everything in terms of adversarial politics, is it possible he is taking the actions he shouldn't be taking or not taking the actions he should be taking to punish Texas and Arizona, both of which are Republican states? Is it possible he's created this disaster solely to punish Texas and Arizona, the two hardest hit states?
you make three assumptive mistakes. first you assume the administration told the truth. That's a bit gullible. second, you assume the State Department didn't have complete and correct information before the event. that also is a bit gullible. overseas, the dept of state and the cia are joined at the hip. State knows more about what's going on in foreign countries than the countries do, it horribly or intentionally mismanaged. third, you assume they would have acted differently. it had opportunities to act before the incident based on credible threat information. it had opportunities to improve security. it didn't. state and possibly the cia were remiss or they gambled with lives and lost.
he's gotten to the point where he's just phoning it in. he doesn't care.
Obama has nothing but hot air and lies. He's blowing smoke. Expect Obama the busker of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave from here on out. Expect a performance full of sound and fury; signifying nothing. Why do his peers tolerate him? Oh year, they're just like him. Never mind.
You may be right. My theory is that the facilities were being used by the CIA as weapons storage and transfer points. It was a CIA black bag operation using contract labor, who were either accompanying the Ambassador or working the second facility. Obama has been arming rebels all over the ME, opposing lawful governments. Seems we didn't learn anything from overthrowing the Shah of Iran.
No, duh. Here's the plan. Do not work the economic issues. Let the economy fix itself. Pursue eco-freako, uber green silliness. Pursue ideological weirdness. Play partisan games with friends. Harm the coal industry, putting people out of work. Don't approve the Xl Pipeline, not employing people. Pursue open borders. Pursue whatever he wants unilaterally without Congress. And gloss over all of it by providing candy to the kiddies. If Obama hadn't extended unemployment, people would be demanding he work the economic issues over his pet projects. By extending unemployment, he's silenced the restless. The longer unemployment lasts, the longer it will be extended. Without a growing economy, the longer it will be extended. Obama is playing us. We must elect a competent Republican in 2016 and a Republican Congress in 2014.
All Presidents are interested in Photo Ops. It's one of the tools in their public affairs tool box. The fact that he would make up such a transparently false claim shows he's intentionally distancing himself from a disaster of his administration's making. He's guilty, he knows it, and he's deflecting. He's in denial. He's always had tin instincts. The last place he wants to be seen is standing in the middle of the hot steaming pile he dropped on the border. Maybe he would have been wiser to not have caused such suffering. The man is a complete boob.
I wonder how long it will take for history to tell us exactly what those building were used for and why they were important enough to have a US Ambassador just walking through during an attack by military trained assailants. Was the Ambassador out inspecting the premises or was he out dealing with a specific issue? We're learning more and more about what happened that day but nowhere have I read why those two facilities were attacked, other than that ridiculous claim it was a reprisal for an unflattering documentary about Islam and Mohammed. What are they hiding from us?
A good government would have known before hand and would have prevented the attack. Then there's this government.
Obama sees this situation as a me against them situation. His available solution set for the activities at the US southern born are proscribed by his ideology. His problem solving is neither neutral nor objective. His problem solution paradigm is driven by the few ideologically 'correct' responses he allows. Anyone who criticizes him for not opening his responses to non-partisan actions is treated as partisans attacking him for political reasons. He attributes to them the lowest of motivations. It's interesting to see what he believes this is, look at his phrase, "This is not theater..." That is exactly how he sees it and the illegal aliens are just players on the stage.
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