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My bad. That's just the appropriations part of the bill. This is the actual text of the act. https://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5230/text
http://cis.org/House-Republican-Secure-Southwest-Border-Supplemental-Appropriations%20Act-and-Secure-Southwest-Border-Act-2014 A brief analysis of the bill, hat tip to smitty41
http://www.cbo.gov/publication/45606 This is the bill
I agree. The question remains, even if the House passes a bill you and I would endorse, would Harry Reid attempt to corrupt it in the Senate. It would be easy for him to ram the Gang of Eight bill into the Houses bill and then when the House balks, assuming it would balk, then blame the House for not cooperating. If one believes that's how Reid will abuse the process then the House passing a bill may look good but will open a bucket of worms later. Maybe.
Theater and a waste of time. Obama and his henchmen do not respect the law. As long as he is president the Congress' power will be extremely limited, especially when led by those with a fastidious respect for the law..
This is the bill and a commentary. http://www.cbo.gov/publication/45606 http://cis.org/House-Republican-Secure-Southwest-Border-Supplemental-Appropriations%20Act-and-Secure-Southwest-Border-Act-2014
The funding is there but without some kind of directions for its use those people could be making sandwiches and washing nappys. The bill should specify what the money is appropriated for, more so than 'personnel expenses' or 'operations and maintenance'.
Why do some people need a crutch to get through life?
Pelosi is opposed because she's stupid. If she's read the bill, which I doubt, she would see that it's a good starting point for the Democrats to negotiate from. From a God's Eye View Boehner has tried to craft an honest compromise--not that an honest compromise is a good bill. It doesn't have the money they want and that may be, for her, a bill killer. I seriously doubt Pelosi is a player in these talks. I sense she's the organizational naysayer.
I think he's some retired pediatrician or something.
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