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I'm glad to see we all have an opinion. I'm sure you'll understand if I choose to ignore yours. Whatever
USAFVetNE, the Republicans don't adapt to the threat. Just like they thought there were rules that everyone played by, along comes Obama and trashes the rules. All I'm suggesting are new and appropriate tactics because the Democrats will use the Republican's business-as-usual stodginess against them. The Democrats have one serious candidate, the Republicans need to figure it out.
And yet, the US government self-destructs and does everything wrong. I don't remember volunteering to be sacrificed on the alter of some politicians ego driven ideology.
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AK-47's: Made in America

RiffRaff Wrote: 14 hours ago (10:44 PM)
President Obama, stilling selling more weapons nation wide than any President before him. Those sanctions are paying off, big time.
Bla-bla-bla, and PH goes off on another tangential rant. What I'm suggesting is that the candidates become a 'team' and decide voluntarily amongst themselves who would be best to lead the team and the nation. Romney chose not to run, does that make him a villain? I understand you're having a hard time thinking out of the box. I'm suggesting new, an alternative to 'business as usual', which you seem to favor.
Michael Moore defames anything 'traditional' when he should be hammering the government executives that cause the people, places, and things that he finds so distasteful. He always has complaints. He never has workable solutions.
Millennials have good reason to be cautious. The diseases of the 50s and 60s have been cured so they have no first hand experience with them. I caught most of them and it wasn't pleasant. They should probably be just as concerned about GMOs and the canned, boxed, bottled, and frozen 'food products' that wander out of the food labs and make up most of the American diet. America is not protecting its youth. It is pemping them out to big agra and the food product industry. Given the poor reputation of vaccines and the betrayal of the Big Pharma and the food industry, a skeptical millennial will probably stay alive longer. It's a shame that by not controlling US borders the government is also allowing harm to come to our children and young people.
There's probably not a Vietnam vet alive who doesn't remember how the progressives and liberals treated returning vets. When you consider most of those GIs were sent over there by Democrat presidents who managed the war from the War Room for political impacts, it was particularly hypocritical for the anti-war left to mistreat the warriors and not the politicians that sent them. But the left never has been very smart at figuring out that stuff. The uproar that resulted from lefty mistreatment of US GIs seem to have left an impression. Democrats are weak on defense and they know it.
You would think that much talent could figure out which two of them could turn out the vote and then go on to work with Congress and the world to improve life on this planet. Rather than business as usual and fighting each other tooth and nail through a very expensive and long campaign, couldn't they team up and put their best candidate forward? Or will it be another election cycle as usual? This is 2015, not 1915, surely there is a smarter way.
The Obama admin might be frustrated over the fact Netanyahu was invited without the Emporer's permission but what more annoys them is that Netanyahu is going to speak truth to illegitimate power. By doing so, he will show Obama for the feckless liar that he is. Personally, I hope he cooks Obama's goose.
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