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BREAKING: ObamaCare Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

RiffRaff Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 12:17 AM
Who benefits? And how much? The cost outweighs any benefit. There is no benefit. Even the people who benefit will be served an inferior service or product. Obamascare is truly a lose-lose when Congress should have been aiming at a win-win. I guess that's what happens when we elect public policy incompetents to act on our behalf.
RiffRaff Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 3:40 AM
Amy, if Boneless doesn't stand against what half the country tells him is a complete disaster then he doesn't deserve the job and we need to come up with another plan. He needs to go and we need to help him. The House republicans need to figure out how to explain this horror to the American people so the average person demands its repeal. Although I'm guessing they would rather it collapse without their help so the Democrats can't blame them for the collapse. That could take years.
AmyDB Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 1:46 AM
Well since Speaker Boneless is, seemingly, just what I named him, it's up to the few Reps. & Senators who have bones & balls to standup. I expect it'll take them a bit to get organized.
It's up to we the people to force them to both stand up & get their shiite together.
RiffRaff Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 1:36 AM
Amy, Oh I got her point but I think she's being too easy on them. It's much worse than she admits. My point is the Democrat's election 'benefit' is too costly. Not only do we get skrewed by their inferior, stupid, unfair law, we end up paying for the skrewing. And we get blamed for it. The Democrats are running on sheer chutzpah and the Republican leadership seems to be asleep.
AmyDB Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 12:58 AM
You missed weedwam's point RiffRaff
The point is the demoncraps & the progressives can get a double wammy out of this delay.
First off they can blame the republicants for slowing things down, for standing in the way of Obamacare.
Second there won't be any many people who are deeply effected by O'care durring the 2014 election therefore the demoncraps & progressives won't have to explain why they deserve to be elected / re-elected.
The Obama administration has announced it will delay forcing employers with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance coverage until 2015. The original requirement was set to go into effect in 2014.

From the Treasury Department website where the announcement was made:

Over the past several months, the Administration has been engaging in a dialogue with businesses - many of which already provide health coverage for their workers - about the new employer and insurer reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  We have heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time...
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