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Destroying the California Dream

Riff Wrote: May 03, 2012 7:27 PM
umm... how about industry leaders and business owners running industry? And property owners , who pay taxes, owning property? I hope you aren't suggesting that government can run things better. Government control is the problem. Government's job is... to govern. And keep their noses out of everything else.

Cuba is a one-party state. North Korea is a one-party state. California is a one-party state.

I'm not trying to draw any false parallels.

But I've noticed bad things happen when one political party has complete control of a government for too long, whether it's the Communist Party that's wrecked Cuba for 50 years or the Democrat Party that's wrecked California for 40.

So far, the Democrat monopoly in Sacramento has done nothing to cause Californians who seek greater freedom, lower taxes and a better business climate to begin taking rafts to Oregon or Mexico. But give the Democrats time.