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It would appear that common Core dumbs down both the students and the "teachers". One more point against using "teaching" coming from those who have NO understanding about the material to be taught.
I am a Christian who opposes abortion. The mere fact that ACA forces everyone to support abortion by contributing to this abomination of a "law" is trampling on the first amendment to the constitution of the United States. Agree or not to abortion, it should not become a mandate from the government to have everyone pay for it.
When Obamacare was proposed and passed, the House and Senate were controlled by the authors of Obamacare. The President signed it into law without ANY opportunities for changes to be made or even debated. BTW, several very good alternatives have been presented over the initial passage of the law and yet those alternatives have been ignored due to the entrenched politicos efforts to obtain government control over our decisions about health care and how we can pay for it. One of the best alternatives is in obtaining catastrophic insurance and then personally paying for visits to the doctor, but of course that can't possibly work...
This information is extremely interesting. The simple fact is that most of the government agencies of whatever stripe do not do things as well as the private sector can do them. I am so glad that the information that I provided the Census Bureau in both of the last two gatherings was the fact of my wife and I lived in our house and EVERY other question asked was answered with "None of your business". I will do that again for the next one should I still be around.
Calling people "knuckleheads" is not conducive to anyone coming close to accepting your premise that Bush's increases of the deficit have ANY relation to the increases added by our current president. Regardless of the increases in quantity, the basic problem has to do with the increases in spending and the idea that increasing spending is a GOOD idea.
I have been a conservative nearly all my life. I have also considered that the poor have not had it so bad as when the government started making "poverty" a priority. In most cases, the government has just made things worse for those who have had to live in the state of poverty. The ones who seem to care the least about the poor usually call themselves Democrats in that they tend to believe that the government is better at "caring" than regular folks, just check out the level of giving to charity by the liberals...
The other side of this debate could easily include the lack of recess for the kids. I see commercials all the time for children to be encouraged to "play" for 60 minutes in various activities. I have heard that many students in elementary school no longer are allowed to just play at recess time which used to include a lot of running (playing tag) or kicking a ball or just being a child. I don't remember that there were too many kids who were "fat". I was never very athletic but I did not gain a lot of weight until well after my school days...
At what point does a "fertilized egg" become the being that the DNA coding will make it?
What in the world is your point? Are you trying to say that taxpayers need to GIVE teachers unions money to politic? Why would anyone in their right mind consider that to be a "good" idea?
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Obama Finally in Real Trouble

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