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Good nite folks...we are all "job creators" so buy American and create them here.
And I think Kool-aid is "out of network"
Narrow-mindedness is a pre-existing condition, can't help ya
I suppose November will tell
I, like you, will support the guy who is bribed by the people I tend to agree with....thats the unfortunate truth about all of our "kind"
No I am here because I am intelligent enough to try and see both sides of an issue. There are lies on both sides. If I like many, only watch "news" stations I agree with or only read articles in pubs that tell me what I want to hear I become uneducated and narrow
But "Jew" has little to do w/skin color
brimley wrote: Funny how the same folks who try to Bash Romney for this, are the very first ones who would be screaming Racist for 72 straight hours if he declined.******The same folks who were bashing him a few months ago wanna make him our President now.
and, that has what to do with this article?
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