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As for Russia's take of Crimea not being a "Done Deal" Well Mr. loose lip, cowardly and incompetent President of the US (Obama), no it is has nothing to do with not being a done deal it is just the opposite, meaning that the Deal will be Done when Putin says it is NOT when the usless UN and PutZ Obama say it is or isn't!
OMG, the weakness and sheer incompetence of Obama is literally frightening! As for Russia and the United Nations, The United States Of America should immediately drop their membership in the UN and dissolve their relationship! The United Nations is a Joke!
Way to go Georgia, Standing Strong for those that have no voice!
After spewing such foolishness about how the catholic church must come to except gay marriage and homosexuality after preaching against these very sins for a hundred years or more now the good lord has "HAD A CHANGE OF HEART" ? ............. I no longer trust Francis ability to lead as the Pope, he has obviously not matured enough over the years, that or the Catholic Church has been a sheer faith based fraud for many years.
Hahaha, eating their own at CBS as usual! What a total joke of a so called news outlet.
How funny, All this corrupt administration knows is a " Bailout " !
Maybe Dictator Obama could stand before Putin and bow, thou I would not suggest he does being that Mr. Putin may feel the urge to kick or drop his pants, one or the other!
Yeah Right, better yet the headline should read ......"McConnel promotes literally anything that will serve to make him look good during an election year. Other than that it is simply all just bullshyt!
Obama is such a frreaking Coward and useless presidential TROLL!
Jeb Bush is a total idiot and @sswiper!
All I will say is that it is about time Mr. ISSA did some productive!
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