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"annfan" Your profound ignorance and stupidity is very telling!
"The homosexual lifestyle is chosen behavior, just as any sin is chosen behavior. " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a Fact, and facts, like the wrist flicker "annfan" just can't comprehend! The mere fact they go around screaming "I WAS BORN THIS WAY" should be enough of an embarrassment for them, the raw show of such ignorance and stupidity is mind boggling !
"She was, however, at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser attended by the president and roughly 90 guests at the home of Disney Chairman Alan Horn in Bel Air, Calif., according to a White House pool report." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When do we start a campaign against Disney?
Hahahaha the dum*@ss and chief wants to end their spying program now that it has became more so clear that doucheBags (Democrats) are likely to lose control of the senate! Don't want republican's spying on his corrupt transactions between him, his big labor unions, George Soros, and Planned Parenthood!
I would not trust the "Supreme Courts" for as far as I could spit! as mentioned earlier Justice Roberts still leads this court and it has without doubt fell to corruption, Justice Roberts has proven liar and his word and his rulings unjust and two faced!
Ukraine is not our responsibility as in giving any type aid to! NO FUNDS FOR Ukraine, period, if not for anything other than the possibility that those funds will end up in the hands of Russia. And to be honest the only reason Odumbo is offering aid to Ukraine is because the UN demanded it and also Obama is to freaking chickenshyt to do anything other.
My thought's EXACTLY! And sadly, some of his top supporters are many Catholic's especially those of Notre Dame!
As for Russia's take of Crimea not being a "Done Deal" Well Mr. loose lip, cowardly and incompetent President of the US (Obama), no it is has nothing to do with not being a done deal it is just the opposite, meaning that the Deal will be Done when Putin says it is NOT when the usless UN and PutZ Obama say it is or isn't!
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