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Sent the democratic idiots back to the devastation they help bring about! NO TO DEMOCRATS bring their disease and filth for our states!
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Race-Baiters and Peacemakers

RiCkY.D. Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 11:09 PM
Crazed Animals, the entire lot of them! Al-Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The ACLU and the utterly stupid and most racist hate spewing degenerates, The New black panther pus-sies (oops, party) created this entire "hate for the white man festival".that went down in ferguson.......................other blacks then just played along because they were bro's! Animals, filthy, nasty crazed animals!
Burger King has every right to protect it's company and profits, even if that means moving out the country! Demshits are just upset that they have made high taxes the front and center for their reasoning for making the move!
I will just as soon sit back and not cast a vote compared to being forced yet again to hold my freaking nose and cast a vote!...............Not gonna happen with Romney nor Chris Christie,............and from Cruz silly border teddy bear rant and chant he has been doing with Arianna Huffington's boy Glenn Beck.............. well even that one is being thought over!
Oh what grounds is this federal investigation warranted ? Holder and Obama are playing politics with this!
Eric Holder should be sitting behind bars right not in Ferguson and would be if our so called republican leadership were not such cowards! ........
This was literally inevitable! Especially after Al-Sharpton's arrival. This is all part of the game these people play. Next the Pink panthers will show up making death threats towards the officers family. Just like A Cry Of Racism will be use to justify there criminal activities !
John Boehner is utterly pathetic!
Oh John Boehner with his new set of boy toys assuming their position By his throne to once again make an attempt to push a bill through that would do nothing but widen the gates and increase the flow of illegals into our country by 10 fold......... John Boehner and his boy toys have absolutely lost their minds........... and as for the dumb twit in this mixture Cathy McMorris Rodgers, well is there really any of us that didn't already know that this puke was a turncoat ?
Very well stated Mr. George Washington.
Of course the old warn out POS didn't stick around to cast a vote against one of her corrupt own! Plus she had much more important things to do, like suck @ss with Obama and his Disney Ceo.............This should be a wake up call for republicans and conservatives alike, We need to take a stand against Disney liberal support......... NO MORE DISNEY ANYTHING!
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