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Let's not forget what Obama and John Boehner's executive amnesty really means, by the time voting polls are flooded with millions more democratic voters, h3ll we may be simply wasting out time and efforts....and we may no longer even have a republican party.
Begich voted for and supported Obama and his incompetence in two elections. This means that Begich is on the same page with Obama and Obama's policy....radical agenda!
Being backed by the biggest liberal labor union can mean only one thing, and that's that the labor union and democrats probably planted this guy as an independent !
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DSCC Pulls Money and Ads from Kentucky

RiCkY.D. Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 10:58 PM
Yeah it is always "out of line" when a democrats has to face the question, but never is it "out of line" when it is a Republican. A double standard indeed, but I do so have to admit republican's are far more relaxed, ready and answers right on the money, as DoucheRATS do what they do best ( double down on stupidity ) !
No one is safe from this deadly virus, it knows no bounds, it does not discriminate by any means. Our military is just as vulnerable as any other and the risk of contracting and dying from the Ebola virus is very high and even higher for those that walk in it's path. God Be With Our Brave Soldier's .
Millennial Voters my @zz, More like lib-tards gaming the upcoming elections because they know that the left doesn't stand a chance in hell! That or it is some pretty sicko republicans and independents, The Amnesty pushing, Boehner boy Paul Ryan and The Murderous Hillary Clinton, Really? .......How very disturbing!
Then why support these leftwing universities and schools? This is really crazy..........republicans and conservatives dont need to degrade themselves by speaking at these trashy colleges.....................so why even make an effort? .....
Michigan is filled with nothing short of all out idiots! however i think the nrsc should have faught to the bitter end, to turn tail and run away just beause the heat is on only shows weakness
This man (CDC Director Tom Frieden) is an absolute shill for the obama administration and Big Pharmaceutical companies for which are paying him very well ! .........
I call it more of the same grandstanding ..............................or in street slang, BULLSHYT!
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