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Bloomberg Bans Large Sodas in His City, Pushes Gun Control in Another

RiCkY.D. Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 7:56 PM
Why is this one guy still walking the streets and has not been already taken out! ............ I mean who the heck would actually miss the low life other than his backstreet ghetto tribe?

Congratulations, New Yorkers.  Your historically-indispensable (or whatever) Nanny Mayor's crusade to end the scourge of large sugary drinks is on the precipice of full implementation:

Nanny Bloomberg unleashes his ban on large sodas on March 12 — and there are some nasty surprises lurking for hardworking families. Say goodbye to that 2-liter bottle of Coke with your pizza delivery, pitchers of soft drinks at your kid’s birthday party and some bottle-service mixers at your favorite nightclub. They’d violate Mayor Bloomberg’s new rules, which prohibit eateries from serving or selling sugary drinks in containers larger...