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Rubbish. Americans have been paying higher taxes already, in the form of inflation. Too much money has been spent since 2003 for taxes not to have been raised in some fashion. Four dollar a gallon gas is the result of inflation, not a shortage of oil.
Deficit reduction? Yeah, perhaps they can get a deal whereby taxes are raised, while they proclaim they had to do it to get Democrats on board. Why not advocate abolishing things? Like the prescription drug benefit they passed, not to mention, many other things. You'll never get that from them. Just phoney-baloney gimmicks about reducing the deficit.
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No Obamacare Exchanges

RickV404 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 8:17 AM
"That is, if the feds can create an exchange at all. The Obama administration has admitted it doesn't have the money..." They will just print the money up, as they've been doing for all this excess spending the nine years.
"Yes, coercive altruism is wrong. Indeed, it’s not even altruism, particularly if you think (like Michael Gerson or Barack Obama) it’s noble or selfless to forcibly give away other people’s money." Watch it Daniel, Gerson's columns appear on this site too! I don't know why, other than he worked for Bush.
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Decline or Decadence?

RickV404 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 9:59 PM
"As America re-examines its military, entitlements, energy sources and popular culture, it will learn that our "decline" is not due to material shortages, but rather arises from moral confusion over how to master, rather than being mastered by, the vast riches we have created." Just keep thinking that Hanson. America is in decline, under the weight of encroaching government and a culture that reveres government as a problem solver or dominant moral authority. You seem to think that freedom is at fault, for "moral confusion". That's typical of most intellectuals and writers - even conservative ones like yourself.
Amen. I loathe Bush, even more than Obama, because if not for Bush, we wouldn't have Obama.
Worse than Clinton.
If Romney wants to make himself more unpopular with certain factions of right-wing voters, take on Jeb Bush for vice president.
He speaks for me as well. Bolton is a neo-con bully; an authoritarian who would throw freedom out the window while pursuing wars wherever he could whip them up. He has the charisma of a water buffalo. He flatters himself thinking anybody would want him as president or vice president.
Tea Party doesn't fail. The Republican party and it's conservative supporters fail. Romney is a disaster in the making. Anyone who thinks he is going to be anything but more the of same is ignorant.
It's still welfare, Goodman, whether you call it a "tax credit" or not. Aren't you smart enough to see that?
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