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With “Friends” Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

ricksmom Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 8:21 PM
Robert, you back and check the record again. Obama did vote to kill infants that were born because of a botched abortion, even if the infant is full term. This was happening and the infant 'mistakenly' born were being thrown in the trash. About the time this vote was going on along with this atrocity there was a lot in the news where a nurse took a live baby out of the trash and held it until it died. Those babies were not killed, they were just thrown into the trash and left to die. About the same time there was talk of not prosecuting mothers who killed their babies up to the age of two years.
ricksmom Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 8:24 PM
Thankfully this never came to fruition but under the guise of 'women's health' and our Progressive government it could again raise it's ugly head.

We like to believe that this could never happen but look all that has happened in the past 20 years that would be appalling when we still had a government with some moral backbone.

I'm sorry if I made a lot of people angry but it's the truth. If you just want to be ugly, please don't bother replying.
Contrary to what you’ve heard from the liberal media and the Republican Party establishment, which are becoming virtually indistinguishable these days if you ask me, the Todd Akin saga isn’t about his much-maligned mangled comments.

In politics there’s often the right reason people do things, and then there is the real reason they do things. Sure, the Republican Party establishment that funds the Obama Regime’s unconstitutional schemes (including Obamacare), and mostly sits on its hands while our freedoms and liberties are being lost, will sanctimoniously tell us Akin has to go because he could cost Republicans control of the...