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Without Christ there is no Christmas. If we allow the rabid, bitter atheists to dictate to 90% we might as well just abolish Christmas as a National Holiday and make it a religious day for those who believe 'the reason for the season'. Do away the celebrations, family gatherings, parties, billions poured into the economy on worthless gifts, toys and out-of-control credit card bills just because it is the 'thing to do'. We have to tolerate nakedness in some cities, perverse 'gay pride parades', paying for sacrilegious so-called 'art'. Who seems to care how much decent people are offended by these things. Something is very wrong with this picture and the believers and people need to get on the offensive and stand up for their beliefs.
Unfortunately the population just cannot accept the fact that the Chicago Mafia is now running the U.S. government.
Those who voted for Obama just had/have no interest in 'knowing' or in truth. Half of his supporters don't care about Benghazi, Fast & Furious, a deeply divided Country, etc. Their only interests are Obama is black, they don't have to pay for contraceptives or abortions, they continue to get PBS with Big Bird, Obama will tax those big bad job creators we so resent, they will get a free cell phone, a welfare check, food stamps, more regulations, Planned Parenthood, etc. They are oblivious to the fact that someone has to pay for these things, i.e., people working & paying taxes. Somehow they feel entitled to these 'freebes'. They don't care about being lied to, cover-ups, Chicago style corrupt politics, a multitude of czars, etc.
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Did the Obama "Genuises" Steal the Data?

ricksmom Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 3:27 AM
How does this old saying fit? If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. This is what has happened to the U.S. Our politicians sold out their core beliefs to win votes and the general population has followed. We are looking to politicians to guide our conscious and now we are losing our most basic freedoms. It didn't take guns or war, just blindly following mere men and women with feet of clay. Soon we'll all be wringing our hands in despair because we let others determine what we should believe. We so easily were sucked into the propaganda.
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Hollywood Won 2012?

ricksmom Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 2:25 PM
It doesn't matter what the people want: The Constitution is like toilet paper to Obama, he will just issue an Executive Order after one or more liberals on the Supreme Court. Whatever Obama wants in the next four years will be mandated, challenged and the Supreme Court will have to decide 'the law of the land'.' What a trojan horse has been driven into the land of a naive, unwise, arrogant generation. How much are liberals willing to give up for some puny, personal gain?
When were you released from prison or the loony-bin? I'll bet you don't even have ID to vote legitimately.
Half the people who voted for Obama had absolutely no idea who or what they were voting for. They just followed the crowd like dumb sheep. It's pathetic to realize Obama's 'get out the vote' did not care how indifferent, uninformed or voting so they don't have to work. Get out the vote for free contraceptives and abortions, vote for third rate health care, vote for Socialism, vote to incur another six trillion dollars in National Debt, vote for higher taxes, vote to be compelled to buy health insurance and lost your doctor. Blah, blah, blah - so many brain dead.
All loyal, true Americans of either party hate the mafia run Chicago, Murder Capital of the World, government. Not surprising that is Obama's base and ran his election. They have been corrupt for over 100 years and they have just grown more deceitful and shrewd. I hope you will prosper in the new Progressive States of America but I wouldn't count on it.
Excuse me? Where have you been for the past 14 months. If you had been paying attention to what the conservatives were warning people about you could not have missed the dire warnings. Apparently you were not along. You enjoyed listening to Obama on Leno, etal on TV frivilous shows. You avoided the hard news and preferred the Obama braindead media, it did not occur to you the billions individuals and businesses would be taxed for Obamacare. Yes, I watched those mile long lines of people as uninformed as you waiting to vote because someone, anyone told them how to vote, anyone with a D beside their name. They were and are completely oblivious to what is going on in the U.S., oblivious to how much it is going to cost them.
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Don't Blame Romney

ricksmom Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 4:37 PM
May the U.S. R.I.P.
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Why Mitt Lost and it Wasn’t Very Close

ricksmom Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 7:10 AM
Voting is a privilege but like any privilege it should carry out with some responsibility and careful consideration on the part of the voter. I would venture to say that at least 85% of those who voted in this last election never spent 30 minutes learning the issues and based their vote on what someone else totally partiall told them, or simply told them to vote for whatever name that had a D beside it. It is rather repulsive to have politicians encourage people to vote, get everyone they talk to to vote. It's like telling them just jump off the cliff cause I said so.
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