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Can anyone really believe that the New Black Panther Party along with Sharpton, Holder, de Blasio and Obama are not behind all the protests and both physical and verbal attacks on law enforcement? Because these high powered individuals have sanctioned them they know they are covered and there will be no prosecution of their heinous acts. This crew jumped into every incident involving a black criminal getting killed since before Obama was ever sworn in and they have yet to step up and demand these atrocious, illegal murders and attempted murders cease immediately. They should be firmly condemning these acts but there silence is deafening and revealing.
What good are words if you have to read something before you know what is in it and then it is never given to you to read? Just be good and swallow it, Big Brother Government knows what is best for you.
and the Dems are all lined up to give us another one by the same name bearing the same dishonest character.
Be real. When the s***t begins to hit the fan those who are so gung-ho about this now will blame the Republicans. Obama nor his followers EVER admit they may have made a mistake but they always have a scape goat to blame their atrocities on. Unfortunately the liberals are so quick to believe whatever they say. They could never believe Obama, their hero, could have done anything wrong. He is just trying so hard to help the people!
All the blacks seem to have gotten the message. I listened to C-Span and every caller was black and vigorously defending Obama and extolling how wonderful Obamacare was and how it was going to solve all their problems. What a shock when they find out it just is not what it is cracked out to be. They seems to believe they are going to get first rate care from the best doctors, they are going to get to see a doctor within a reasonable length of time, that they will have a choice of doctors. What a shock when reality hits. Of course it will be the Republican and Bush's fault.
It wasn't all those politicians. It was done behind closed doors. Then all the obedient little Democrats voted for it without bothering to read it.
All those people that voted for the liberal Democrats still love them and they also love Obamacare. There is no explanation for stupidity.
We are just like North Korea. We both have a man-boy acting as dictator jacking us all around. Liberals love it. I wish they would all migrate to North Korea. (and don't forget to take plastic Nancy with them). She can show them what real health care really is.
No one seems to care anymore that Bill Clinton is a perjurer and they don't seem to care that Hillary lied at the Benghazi hearings. When will she get a subpoena and be put under oath? Maybe then she wouldn't be so flippant and arrogant.
If the Federal Government had a Sunshine Law all this could have been avoided. Pelosi and the gang of liberals met for years behind closed doors throwing together a health care law with absolutely no oversight and no one dissenting, no one allowed to question, no on reading whatever one of those jokers threw in there without any thought as to how it could be implemented and fair to all. Then they put it up for a vote and all the Democrats voted that Bill without having any idea what was in it. Of course they took Pelosi's statement that 'you have to read it before you know what is in it' but don't bother reading or understanding or questioning it before you vote on it. If this is the way this is going to work why do we even have representatives? This is a dictatorship. These antiques are just going to become par for the course. Why are we paying these jokers? They don't even think for themselves, they pick up astronomical paychecks, travel the world on the taxpayers dime, refuse to participate in this Obamacare which they pushed on all of us. Our government has become a joke. Our President is a joke and a laughingstock. I doubt he knows the definition of a Statesman.
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