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Scytl: Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction

rickmcq Wrote: May 09, 2012 5:11 PM
AllisonDemandsJustice Wrote (4:02 PM) "I continue to be amazed by this remarkable man... " Allison continues to be amazed that clocks work. AllisonDemandsJustice Wrote11:51 AM “I wish people would get off Obama's back about the gay marriage question! Can't we just WAIT until AFTER the election before we start grilling him about this??? Now ABC news wants to drop this on him in an interview this week. Impatient rude and gras[ping gays should JUST BE PATIENT and WAIT until January when we are safely into the 2ndterm and Obama can do whatever and say whatever he wants. He supports your right to get married!! Just cram it until next year!!” Apparently Obama did not read Allison's instruction that there be no such discussions yet...
AppraisHer Wrote: May 10, 2012 4:26 PM
Barry had to announce that he is in favor of gay marriage as fast as he could. He's heading to Gaylafornia for a huge fundraiser where 1 of every 6 contributors are gay. I'm waiting for him to announce that he's also Jewish, 3 out of every 5 Hollywood contributors are Jews. He also needs to announce he has an illegal nanny, mostly ignored and strangely named kids, a drug problem and at least 5 ex-wives. He's already a bad actor, a narcissist, clueless and self absorbed, so he fits right in.
Imiss40 Wrote: May 09, 2012 10:57 PM
"Just cram it until next year!!"

Unfortunate choice of words there...
Sooner Wrote: May 09, 2012 5:16 PM
She was against the announcement before she was for the announcement...
rickmcq Wrote: May 09, 2012 5:24 PM

With six months until Election Day, conspiracy theories are percolating on the Internet like bubbling mud pots at Yellowstone: Left-wing billionaire George Soros is going to rig the election for Barack Obama. Foreigners will oversee the nation's entire vote-counting system. The fix is in, and all is lost.

Before conservatives go all Michael Moore-moonbatty, let's calm down and separate voter fraud facts from fiction. There's no time to waste worrying about manufactured scares. And there are plenty of legitimate threats to electoral integrity without having to inflate or concoct them.

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