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A tad confused about Archie Bunker, Herman - he was a Union member.
The Constitution makes no specific mention of yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater, but most reasonable folks are willing to grant a 1st Amendment understanding to rules limiting such behavior.
Especially if that armed principal were trained and practiced.
"There must be a move from the right to advance gun safety and enforcement." How about Concealed Carry Permits? Oh, yeah, we already agreed to that.
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Tea Partiers Must Hang Tough

rickmcq Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 3:47 PM
Sure, pinenee, the culture and political battles are all over because of the 2012 Re-election of Obama and the Democrats. (Kinda like the culture and political battles are all over because of the 1984 Re-election of Reagan and the Republicans.)
So they were hunting humans?
You may have just explained clearly why it is so difficult to reason with a Liberal.
Okay; the Founders did not consider semiautomatic weapons. They also did not consider internet, radio or television, but the 1st Amendment has been understood to include those media.
Correction: membership in a Militia is not "required"
I doubt they allow that practice, even in Georgia.
The Right understands that there will be discussion and legal decisions (both Legislative and Judicial) about the details of what "Arms" are covered by the 2nd Amendment. As was covered below, membership in a Militia is not requires. Militias are formed from gun owners, so the Government must allow gun ownership. That is what the Amendment says and means.
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