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Yep. Yet the Gpovernment keeps telling us that it needs to "create more jobs." Just stay out of the way, and the jobs will be created.
Instead of just trashing the mailings, I write "Return to Sender, Unsolicited" on the envelop and drop it back in the mail. It is my hope that AARP might have to pay twice for the same propaganda.
I tried to get some basic information from the site, but it is required that one sign up for an account (and reply to the e-mail message confirming one's data) before any plan options can be seen. I had used a nom de plume just in case, so I decided to drop out at that point. (I suppose the Dems may still count my visit as a sign of endorsement rather than a sign of curiosity though ...)
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Government by Tantrum

rickmcq Wrote: Oct 10, 2013 4:05 PM
"They [the House and the Senate] need to pass the 13 appropriations bills like they’re supposed to, negotiate their differences in conference committees and then do the job they were elected to do -- pass the darn legislation." As the House has passed funding bills that the Senate refuses to consider, and the House has formed a Conference Committee that the Senate refuses to match, just who are you referring to, exactly, Mr. Reagan? Do you really believe that the problem is 50-50? I don't.
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