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The thing you don't know is that the BLM "modified" the terms of his lease to reduce his herd to 150 and completely disallow grazing at certain times of the year. This would put Mr Bundy out of business as it did his 52 ranching neighbors. Mr Bundy refused to the terms of this contract - refused to go out of business as a result he had no contract to pay the BLM anything. It wasn't about grazing fees, in fact he sent checks to the county for the grazing fees. The BLM wanted him off the land, they wanted his mineral and water rights. It is nothing more than government corruption. Follow the money, it points to Harry Reid's office and family.
Oh you think it's okay my insurance went up by 4K a year and I lost my doctor under BOcare? How about stop giving money we don't have to people? Now he wants to steal our savings with MRA. After all they manage our Soc Sec so well, why don't we give them our savings to spend too!! You libs are as stupid as bricks.
Who is John Gault?
New York, yet another Constitution free zone.
The NRA is the only organization that represents what I believe and unequivocally represents my rights. They are above and beyond politics. They will support Democrats or Republicans if they support my Constitutional Right or be the first to criticize them if they want to take my right away. God bless the NRA and America.
According to John Lott (More Guns, Less Crime), many of those NICs denials are made in error and are appealed.
Get them both! 1911, bigger bullets make bigger holes! Combat tupperware wash and wear protection (40cal or 357sig though).
I completely agree, I saw some stats for the NYPD where more than 75% of rounds fired missed their intended target. These are trained LEOs, how in the world do they think we need lower capacity magazines to defend ourselves and family than a trained LEO? Makes no sense unless you understand their objective - control. I would love to attend a school like Gunsite, we are jealous!!
God bless Sgt Grisham and his family for his service and heroism. I pray this will end well for him and his family. That being said I think that he exhibited an attitude problem with the police officers. At the beginning of the recording the officer told SGT Grisham that as soon as we check you out we will be on our way (or something to that effect). The police received a report of a man with a gun, their job was to check to see that no laws were being violated. They had to conduct an interview with SGT Grisham, no LEO was going to conduct the interview with an armed suspect. We know that SGT Grisham is a good guy but the officers didn't, they had to check him out and they had to disarm him until they checked him out.
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