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May I suggest we invite them to come back and do it again? If they were to announce when they would be here I wouldn't be surprised to see ten to fifteen million American People surrounding the Capitol Building and the White House and lining the path between them, applauding and cheering them on.
Neither you nor I have the authority to "protect fools from their own follies". Since WE don't have the authority to do that we can't grant the authority to the government.
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Syria and Obama

RickeyB Wrote: Sep 10, 2013 6:42 PM
Dr. Sowell, please evaluate the National Liberty Alliance at http://nationallibertyalliance.org/default.html and give us your opinion about it. Thanks in advance.
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Lee Leads; Boehner Cowers

RickeyB Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 10:19 AM
Senator Lee is looking more to me like Presidential material every day.
No, they are not. Do you even know where to find the definition for Natural Born Citizen? There actually is one, you know.
Please check out the Monetary Reform Act proposed at The Money Masters ( http://www.themoneymasters.com ) where you will find a precise description of the problem and the cure for it.
I'm with you on this one, Jerome. I prefer the Fair Tax. There's a bill in the House (H.R. 22) with 63 co-sponsors and one in the Senate (S.114) that are just sitting there. There's something else we need too. It's the Monetary Reform Act proposed at the Money Masters web site. I urge everyone to go to http://www.themoneymasters.com and look it over. It converts the U.S. economy from a debt-based econonmy to a cash-based economy and pays off the national debt. That's a big claim but if you study it I think you will find that it is workable.
He spoke to that. When sending his disciples out to spread the Word he told them to carry a sword for self defense and if they didn't have a sword to sell their cloak and buy one.
Isn't it interesting that the only industry OB has been able to stimulate is the firearms industry? And he didn't have to spend any money to do it.
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