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I find it funny that you're too stupid to differentiate between people who hide their rockets,mortars,and artillery in and around schools,mosques,and hospitals AND are targeting civilian areas with up to 300 rockets per day(Hamas) and those who drop leaflets/send alerts via text and warn civilians BEFORE they use precision weaponry to destroy Hamas' position!
I could not have said it better myself! Well done! We should stand firmly with Israel(the civilized people) and not the Palestinians!(the savages!) Our closet Muslim in the White House disgusts me!
Hey flatulence,why don't YOU cite a few sources? You've made a number of claims with no,none,zero,zilch,nada substantiation. Put up or shut up!
You are one dense son of a gun flatulence!
Where's the Hildebeast?
Due to Fairy Reid's arbitrary and unilateral rule change there is virtually no filibuster now! If we don't gain the senate then we're right where we are now! We should not reward turds like Cochran for acting like democRATS! These clowns are supposed to reflect our values! To represent our interests,not act like unaccountable tyrants!
So what are you saying? We should just lay back and enjoy it? I don't think so! The fight itself,whether won or lost,is honorable and necessary!
That would BE counter-productive! Need to edit more thoroughly before I post!
No! They should turn out to vote but write in McDaniel's name! He may or may not win,but neither will Cochran. They will also be able to support other candidates for congress,mayor,city council,or whatever who are not turds like Cochran and still send a message to the GOP establishment! If they don't turn out at all then the demonrats gain a lot of statewide offices and maybe congressional seats. That would counter-productive and,quite frankly,stupid!
Well flatulence,did you think your line was funny?
So he's a bear huh? A Koala bear would be my guess,or a Teddy? The man(?) is tragically pathetic (or maybe pathetically tragic?)!
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