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Exactly when was diplomacy Obama's strong suit? He's been a walking,talking,one man clusterf*** since he was a senator! He's taken us from admired,feared,hated,and sometimes loathed to openly mocked and ridiculed in 6 short years! His incompetence ,stupidity,arrogance,and outright cowardice(leading from behind???!!!) is embarrassing and disgusting! 2 more years of this moron? Please help us God!
And their northern border as well! Try to wade the river and cross the river into Mexico without going through an official crossing point if you don't believe me! You go to jail and do not pass go on your way! They don't screw around like we do!
In this administration(as in others) it could very easily be both!
You can perp walk with arrest warrants BEFORE the trial! It's done all the time.
Man would that be sweet!
Exactly right! These morons seem to think we are all as stupid as members of the press! Sorry demonrats,but we aren't as stupid and sycophantic as the press corp is! You'll find out just how pi**ed off we are in November!
Well I for one am shocked,shocked I say! Let's face it,the only way the libs can win is if they lie and cheat! The only way they can get away with lying and cheating is to control the flow of information so no one knows what they're up to! They rant about conservatives being authoritarian and fascists,but if you want to see which party or movement truly parallels fascist operating philosophies then take a close look at liberals in general and democRATS in particular! Marx,Stalin,Mao,and Hitler had nothing on these people!
If they're in your house without your permission and armed you're allowed to engage until they're incapacitated,dead,or flee the scene! ALWAYS shoot center of mass to end the fight ASAP!
And then only if someone checks the voicemail!
It would be like selling guns to drug cartels then complaining about gun violence. Or,not enforcing immigration laws and then complaining that congress isn't doing anything about our immigration problem. Or never knowing about scandals and screw ups in your own administration until you see it in the news! Seriously,you have to work hard to be that incompetent!(or just plain evil!)
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Trigger Please

Rickey4 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 2:43 PM
Brilliant! May the mutants,er, leftists fund so many firearms purchases that you need a new home to contain them!
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