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Jesus Card Not Welcome In Nazareth School

Rickey4 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 9:41 AM
"Guilty of proselytizing?" Hey crackhead,He has a 1st amendment right to proselytize! Even at school!
Senator Angus King (I)mbecile,Maine
I'll help you Jeb,F*** Off! We don't want you or any other rino!
No,the GOVERNMENT is our enemy! The NSA spies on us,the IRS robs us, the rest of the government lies to us and conspires to control us!
The headline should read,"30,000 morons plead to leave US and reunite with Russia"! Sorry biotches,we bought the land in 1867 and we're keeping it,but you're free to leave if you want!
Look in the dictionary under,"dottering old fool", and there's a picture of scurrilous Harry Reid!
Actually it's HOW that matters most Mr Ryan! Secure the borders FIRST! We can talk about the rest after that! We have to stop the invasion first! We currently have the equivalent of the population of San Diego entering illegally every year! Stop that first and then come talk to us! Until then,try reining in spending,cutting the deficit, destroying the EPA,NLRB, and IRS(or at least controlling it and doofus in chief!)
Motion seconded! All in favor?
Sorry loser,but Cruz didn't say he suffered more than the soldiers who endured the Bataan death march! At the end of a 21 hour filibuster he thanked those who had helped him in his Bataan death march. It was hyperbole! As a liberal/progressive/socialist/communist troll you should recognize hyperbole when you hear it since you clowns spew it out of every orifice constantly!
Agreed! The weasel is always attacking fellow republicans while calling libturd demonrats "my friend". It's pathetic! Go away weasel!
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