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Debunking Krugman’s European Austerity Narrative

RickCaird Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 4:17 PM
"We didn't do enough" is actually their excuse for why their policies didn't work. Notice how that neatly tries to turn the failure back onto those who do not subscribe to their policies. Think about it though, how great would it be to articulate a policy, and when it fails. blame someone else for not doing enough of the failed policy. It is a guarantee of never being wrong.

Statists are in a tough position. For years, they’ve been saying the United States should be more like Europe.

And, as shown in these very funny cartoons by Michael Ramirez and Bob Gorrell, President Obama is a cheerleader for that effort.

But now Europe’s welfare states are collapsing, so the left is scrambling to come up with some way of rationalizing their support for ever-growing levels of taxation and spending.

Paul Krugman’s been doing what he can to square this circle, complaining that Europe is in trouble because governments