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Nice strawman. Do you work at creating them or do you just stumble on your misinterpretation?
"Dumb as a box of hammers" comes to mind, too. Likewise, that is not a compliment to the former professor.
Gee, I was unaware that FSU and the Washington Redskins were "ill treating" the Navajos. When, exactly, did that happen? Can we also say that UFl is "ill treating" alligators?
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A Government Admission of Wrongdoing

RickCaird Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 9:31 PM
Just in case that is a serious question, meta data is data about the data. In the case of email, it would be things like sender, receiver, date, time, size of message, number of attachments, etc. It turns out meta data is quite revealing. If I know you called an oncologist, had a meeting with him, and maybe had a cat scan, I can infer you are likely to have cancer.
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BEWARE: No-Knock SWAT Attacks

RickCaird Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 5:42 PM
There has to be a severe penalty to both the judge who signed the warrant and every one on the SWAT team when these things happen. If there are no penalties, then there will be no change to the strategy.
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Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants

RickCaird Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 9:43 AM
I had this same conversation yesterday. The schools have done it to themselves. Once they started graduating functional illiterates, they created a demand for testing. Then, like any bureaucracy, the amount of testing followed a kind of Parkinson's law and expanded to fill the amount of time deemed available for testing. If the school districts manage to opt out of the testing, they will need to make sure they graduate literate students and end social promotions. They will also need to stop mixing the low performing students and the gifted in the same classes. The end result of thmixing is no one learns anything
Obama seems to forget that his Executive Orders, particularly the ones that ignore black letter law, are only binding on his administration. I wonder what would happen if he casually mentioned that this "exemption" would only hold for the next three years.
"Dream" meet "Reality".
Is that like the Democrats vastly overreached with ObamaCare?
No, you did not nail it. Waiting can mean an early death. It is not waiting. It is rationing. Go look at Canada and England. Those systems work fine as long as you don't need them. But, if you have to go into an NHS hospital, better bring along your own food, water, cleaning service, and nurse. The survival rates for treatable cancers are much better in the US than in Europe and Canada. There is so much wrong with your understanding, it is hard to even know where to start with you. But, it is obvious you really haven't studied the matter. To get you started, here is Sally Pipes testimony to Congress recently of the Canadian system. Notice the part starting on page 6 where her mother was denied a colonoscopy until it was too late. That is what you get with rationing.
Why should anyone sign up? There is no penalty for not doing signing up as long as you don't have a tax refund. Besides, ObamaCare will soon be gone and we can get back to getting insurance that fits our needs, not Obama's.
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