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"Dream" meet "Reality".
Is that like the Democrats vastly overreached with ObamaCare?
No, you did not nail it. Waiting can mean an early death. It is not waiting. It is rationing. Go look at Canada and England. Those systems work fine as long as you don't need them. But, if you have to go into an NHS hospital, better bring along your own food, water, cleaning service, and nurse. The survival rates for treatable cancers are much better in the US than in Europe and Canada. There is so much wrong with your understanding, it is hard to even know where to start with you. But, it is obvious you really haven't studied the matter. To get you started, here is Sally Pipes testimony to Congress recently of the Canadian system. Notice the part starting on page 6 where her mother was denied a colonoscopy until it was too late. That is what you get with rationing.
Why should anyone sign up? There is no penalty for not doing signing up as long as you don't have a tax refund. Besides, ObamaCare will soon be gone and we can get back to getting insurance that fits our needs, not Obama's.
"Contract with America" kind of thinking. Good.
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Harry Reid: Little Bad Man of Nevada

RickCaird Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 2:09 PM
Harry Reid is a weasel. He uses his Senate perch to say things that would be libel in any other venue. The Republicans should be taking Reid and his son and turning them into the face of the Democratic party. Reid is such an easy target it would be easy to force the Democrats into regretting they ever elected him majority leader. Of course, that means we would be blessed with little Chuckie Schumer.
I disagree with your claim the insurance companies deserve to be stiffed. The insurance companies were quite happy with the way things were before ObamaCare. It was only the Chicago thuggery and threats that got them involved with ObamaCare. When they were forced to take on all comers, not charge for pre existing, and were basically promised twenty year olds to balance their books, the handwriting was on the wall that any bad ObamaCare assumptions would lead to bankruptcy. If the Feds had not offered these risk corridors, few, if any, insurance companies would have gotten involved with ObamaCare. If we destroy the insurance companies via bankruptcy, then if we do manage to end ObamaCare, there will be no insurance companies left.
Actually, the are redistribution, but I have never noticed a Democratic jumping up and complaining about it. In fact, when Bush vetoed the farm bill and the Democrats controlled the House and Senate, the veto was overridden. So, the more logical question is why do Democrats favor the scam that is ethanol???
AIG is far more defensible than the bailout of Chrysler and GM.
They were all completely right in voting against the MLK holiday. I would rank Washington and LIncoln far ahead of MLK, but the legislation consolidated Washington and Lincoln's birthday's into a single holiday in order to make MLK's birthday a holiday. So, how would you rank the the two Presidents vs a private citizen?
I guess Carlas thinks this is worth more than one post since he/she posted it on another thread (word for word). The response is that Cruz was born to an American mother. Hence he is a naturally born citizen of the US. Nice try. Please go back to sleep, troll.
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