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Did you know that some jurisdictions will not allow wild game to be donated to shelters? How stupid is that!
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Abortion and Human Trafficking

Rick_in_VA Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 7:01 PM
The cells of aborted babies are used in some vaccines. That really makes you want to roll up your sleeve, doesn't it.
Reid Congratulates McConnell, Says Democrats 'Ready to Work in Good Faith' That would be a first.
That should have read race (no S) How about an edit button???
This is old news to those of us in Virginia who paid attention. Most of us knew about this long before the election. . Now how about some news updates on this month's VA Senate races? Didn't something similar happen there?
Well, it is Maryland, after all. Kalifornia lite.
Long may they fly.
All I can say is don't count your chickens before they hatch. ' But it would be nice to slam the dems back into the minority.
Let's not forget voter fraud. It's already being reported that in some places the machines are changing Repub votes to Demo votes. And these are just the ones voters have reported.
It's really quite simple. As more and more people catch on to the dems' bad ideas, the only way they have left to win is by fraud.
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