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Here, pick your Favorite BIG, SCARY NAME for Climate Fearmongering • Climate Rambunctiousness • Terrestial Thermoclime Transmongrification Apocalypse • Planet Death Watch • Climate Derangement Syndrome • The Globacaust • Disrupt-n-warm-a-unstustainableness Globalaciously • Death Weather • Peak Weather • White Man’s Wind • Irritable Climate Syndrome • Climageddon • Climate Gone Wild • Frankenclimate • Anthropocalypse • WetterBlitzkrieg • Climate Jihad • Climatus Interruptus
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3 Mistakes Hannah Graham Made

Rick905 Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 11:31 AM
Dear ZealousConscript - the LibTard Troll: Do waltz with your 'Beautiful World View' down the streets of Alepo, Syria. Smile as you wave to the 8th century ISIS thugs who are only too happy to make your acquaintance as they prepare to behead you. After all -- the 'Beautiful World View' is what is important. Do not let circumstances which leave you vulnerable to savages distort your reality,.
Exactly what part of " .. and BEAR arms" does the legion of gub'mint lawyers not understand. . . . . . . Nor does the 2nd Amendment say " can be infringed a little bit here and there."
Actually, Bernie Goetz did NOT get convicted for shooting those thugs on the subway. The jury ruled it self defense. However, Bernie did get a year in the slammer for something else.... it was either littering or violating NYC gun laws. He was sued in civil court, did not bother to defend himself there, and was told to pay the innocent children $35 million. . . . . . Bernie didn't have the bread (did he declare bankruptcy?) and laughed at them.
Them Voter ID laws make it too hard for Machine Politicians and Ward Heelers to round up Ne'er-Do-Wells for "Vote Early 'n Vote Often" Day. How can we expect to keep Entitled Crooked Politicians in office to steal our money, if we don't let them subvert the voting process.
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Hand Guns are the New Segregation

Rick905 Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 10:23 AM
Albert Gore might be correct. We must impose a Warm Tax immediately to fairly share this burden and save the World (including the cuddly polar bears). Each person should be taxed $500 per dinosaur they own.
Mr. Obama prefers to "lead from behind". So, Mr. Kerry's warning is about the DireRear of the situation.
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Slaughter in Iraq -- Bush's Fault?

Rick905 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 11:33 AM
. . . S h u c k . . & . . J i v e . ? Dang ! I do think I heard it was . . . H o p e . . & . . Something-or-Other
All of Sarah Palin's emails, as governor of Alaska, were released to the IIRC NY Times, under a FOIA demand. The NYTimes assembled an army of volunteers to fish among the tens of thousands of email for dirt. They came up with nothing, but DID have the emails turned over to them. "The Dog ate my Emails" defense .... especially for SIX senior IRS folk, brings chutzpah in government to an abysmal new level.
Mr. Obama has delivered on his promise of Shovel Ready Jobs. .. . . . . Burying several Dozen patients who died while on the waiting list for treatment in VA hospitals. RIP, brave warriors.
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