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Jonathan Alter: GOP "Missing A Piece Of Empathy Equipment"

Rick676 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 8:08 AM
Being that government is a monolithic power structure, it is incapable of empathy. Apparently Mr Alter judges only on "intent" rather than results. The result of every liberal/progressive program foisted on the American people has been dependency and degradation. The breakdown of the family, especially in the inner city black neighborhoods, has condemned millions to a life of hopelesness, dependence, and despair. Rather than being "empathetic", the Democratic party, and the progressives in particular, have been sociopathic in their quest for power in the duping of poor Americans to fall for their "well intended" programs. The only intent for their programs is to grow their power on the backs of the poor.

Alter's reference to government as "mommy" is way too revealing.