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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

Rick676 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 6:53 AM
The problem with your analysis, Ann, is that you cite examples of the OPPOSITION party cheating. This is an example of intra-party corruption, and should not be tolerated by anyone, ever. "They cheated fair and square" is no position to take, and this is why conservatives are disgusted with the Republican Party. Defending the indefensible is not becoming to you.
He only hates American women, as he is the most Anti-American president ever.
Finally! They have hired Captain Obvious to put out a report on what should be common sense.
The only ones this law discriminates against are the dead, the non-citizen, and the multiple voters. No wonder the Democrats are against this, as it would eliminate a large segment of their voting block.
Trumanesque? Cleary the 25 in "Cam25" reflects his IQ. He "saved" the auto UNIONS, not the industry. He took an economy running off the rails, mainly due to Democrat policies relating to banking, and drove it into a ditch. He has taken the best health care system in the world (not perfect) and turned it into a new VA system. Obama earned every bit of his title as #1 worst since WWII. And he doesn't seem to care.
I bet Jimmy Carter is smiling today.....
Soccer is like watching a "Twilight" movie. Everybody runs around for a couple of hours, nobody scores, and its fans try to explain what is so great about it.
What is a "World Cup"? Does it come with free refills?
As is always the case with this President, it's do as I say, not as I do. Liberals always exempt themselves from what they expect of the rest of us.
The only way to argue against the decision is to skew the facts and the law. What is missed as well is the fact that most birth control is available for less than the common copay of most insurance plans. No one is denying access, and no one is saying that they can't use it. The decision says that, according to RFRA, not the First Amendment, an employer cannot be compelled to pay for something they find morally reprehensible.
What doesn't get referenced in these "gun related deaths" is the number that are suicides. They generally constitute the great majority of "gun related deaths", and if someone really wants to end it all, there is always poison, jumping, car exhaust, etc. The gun is just quick and easy.
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