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It's not that the debate is over, he just doesn't want to talk about it, as it exposes his lies every time it is scrutinized. 8 mil. enrollees? How many HAD insurance that lost it, how many have actually paid the first premium, how many signed up for Medicaid? All these factors debunk their claims. The President is trying to feed us buIIshite and convince us it's "wild apple butter".
Can she shave that close?
Steve, if the woman takes on the responsibility to have the children, then she takes on the responsibility to care for them. It is not up to anyone else, let alone the state, to care for them.
(he can't find the capslock key....)
I concur, although now we face Turncoat Christ in the next election. He didn't win the Senate race, I can hope he loses the gubernatorial race as well.
How could he possibly ignore the advice of those who brought us to where we are???? (sarc off)
I think John has already had at least 4 too many terms.
McConnell and Boehner supporters.......
They already do it with unemployment figures, why wouldn't they "massage" the numbers for Obamacare? Lying liars and the lies they tell......
True dat. My apologies........
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