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So the people who are "angry" about being treated like lawless, looting thugs are SO angry that they act like lawless, looting thugs? They demonstrate (riot) in the streets (looting stores) voicing their anger (lobbing Molotov cocktails) to effect "change". Martin Luther King Jr. changed the WORLD without hurling one brick, bottle, or Molotov, or burning down a single building or car. Perhaps they should follow the example of their Iconic Martyr.
OH! GOD!! NO!!!
Brown had already assaulted an innocent citizen in a strong arm robbery, and Wilson had just gotten the report over the radio when he stopped to confront the two. The "conflicting" eyewitness accounts became concurring eyewitness accounts when the witnesses were confronted with the forensic evidence that showed they were perjuring themselves.
The only reason I can think of for Republicans to vote no on the NSA bill is to let the legislation die in June. I hope we let the Patriot Act die, and then pass limited, narrow, necessary bills as needed with sunsets every two years so it has to be renewed as needed.
As PROVEN and demonstrably pathological a liar this President is, I would not believe an utterance from his lips. If he said the sun was shining I would likely have to go outside to confirm it before accepting it. As many video clips and speech transcripts show, he knowingly LIED to the American people to get this bill shoved through in the dead of night via "reconciliation" process. There was not a single Republican vote for this monstrosity, and the last election shows that the Democrats' chickens are "coming home to roost". The Imposter In Chief has told so many lies to this point he can't even lie his way out of responsibility for what has happened.
I can understand the Dems flaunting the will of the people, they always have. What I can't understand is why Republicans didn't take the hint and put McConnell and Boehner back as leaders, when the base is clearly tired of business as usual.
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In Defense of Bill Maher

Rick676 Wrote: Nov 03, 2014 4:37 PM
I personally support Maher's right to freely blather on his insipid, vacuous nonsense. He shows how filled with venom and hate the left is, how intellectually vapid they are, and their level of intolerance for dissenting views. I will not listen to him, as I believe that grey matter is lost when his voice hits one's ears, but the quotes and clips from him reaffirm that I am more intelligent than that so called "comedian". By the way, when was he ever funny?
Another liberal thinks what they did is no big deal, why are we upset, everyone else has done it, blah blah blah........ This time a line has been crossed, and I am glad to see the left has SOME semblance of morality left.
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Obama's America Isn't Showing Up for 2014

Rick676 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 3:00 PM
The fact of the matter is that the Democrats haven't given their voters any reason to vote for them. No ideas, no accomplishments, no vision. All they have is fear mongering, straw men, and outright lies to try to scare their voters into the polling booth.
Evolution is different from Darwinism, in that evolution says things can change over time. Darwinism is the theory that all things evolved from a single source and that there was no intelligence behind it. Creation or Intelligent Design are not in direct odds with evolution.
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