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A good thing it is a U.N. expert, and not someone with credibility or position. It has turned into the "America-Bashing Nations", and needs to be shipped to Somalia or N. Korea, where they will feel more at home.
They didn't "knuckle under", they were fully on board with it to minimize the leverage of the incoming freshmen against the establishments. If they had any integrity (HA!) they would have continued until the new class is sworn in.
Since this rule only deals with other than Supreme Court nominees, I see no reason to restore it. I don't see the point of the cloture for these appointments, anyway.
Hildebeast leads on leadership?!?! What has she led other than Bill's bimbo eruption unit? State Dept turned to cr@p under her, she was a shrill and feckless Senator, and has only managed to sell dozens of her books and fill tens of seats in auditoriums for her speeches. I hope she does get the nomination, it will be a slow motion train wreck to view.
So a pseudo redneck throws away any chance at a country singing career to put out a self-parodying video about Hillary. Are southerners/country music fans supposed to swoon, or fall off their chairs laughing? And when did pajama boy turn country?
OH. GOD! NO!!! We don't need another Bush, or Romney repeat, or another Clinton, or even another Obama. What we need is fresh faces, fresh ideas, and not the continuation of a parade of Progressives vying to be the next President.
Pelosi is always supporting losing causes and losers. Unfortunately, those losers often win.
Sec Johnson seems to equate what's politically advantageous for the Democrat party with the good of the country. Nothing politically advantageous for the Dems is good for America.
I could vote for Perry if he won the nomination, but I would have to pass on Bush if he did. Nothing good can come of Jeb running, even if he won the primary and the general.
Gee, we've had 6 years of an "articulate nominee", who was unqualified, unvetted, incompetent, inexperienced, unscrupulous, but able to sound genuine as long as the teleprompter had his words ready for him. I would take a sock puppet (like Hillary or Biden or Warren) over this arrogant, self aggrandizing, crony focused buffoon any day.
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