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Mark Udall suffers from a condition that plagues liberals and their voters called "3M Syndrome" : Milestones in Mental Midgetry
Perhaps Oblamo is waiting until after the election to nominate her for............. wait for it............ Attorney General?
I would wager that many of that 15% are from CO, WA, CA, and other areas with legalized marijuana use. One would of necessity be under the influence of drugs, or a progressive drone, to believe that the air campaign is a "success". It is only a "success" if the object of the campaign is to give the illusion of action without actually taking effective action.
It seems the talking point is "we have to spread it in order to contain it".
Thanks, Barack....... a partisan, unqualified political hack reporting to a partisan, unqualified political hack...... that's the ticket! EBOLA - E njoy B arack O bama's L egacy, A merica
I think it is more correct to say that Andrea Mitchell is a "supposed" journalist. She is actually a Democrat cheerleader and talking point proxy.
I have to wonder how many of these nanny know-it-alls actually live the restrictions they are forcing on others?
Especially since it was in production only from 1940 to 1945, it was only used by the Nazi's and not prior or since.
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

Rick676 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:12 PM
As big of a liar as he proved himself to be you would think he would be a better fit for MSNBC. They already have no credibility as it is.
Overrun with illegals, businesses and people fleeing the state, taxes out the wazoo, deficits and debt to the moon, gangs, political corruption, drug cartels invading..... and they have to worry about this?
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