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It will only get worse as more doctors retire or just leave the practice to do concierge service. It will get to the point that the only person you will see is a Nurse Practitioner, and maybe a doctor if they "refer" you to one. Voodoo is starting to look more like an alternative to Obamacare. It is definitely safer and probably cheaper.....
Once you realize it is all about the union and not about the children, despite their assertions, it will all make sense.
He sides with SEIU for union support, and snubs all the unions that would benefit from Keystone. It seems like the only union people he looks out for are the public sector unions. The man is beneath contempt and unworthy of holding any elected or public office, and I hope when he retires he goes back to the obscurity he oozed out of.
Such a small mind in such a fat head, Neo. The new techs should be developed by the PRIVATE sector like oil was. When it is economically viable, it will replace oil, and not before. And if Obama was soooooo into "green" energy, why did he kill the hydrogen fuel cell that was almost ready for market at GM when he took it over? Riddle me that Batman!
Actually, Neo, most believe that it was Panetta that made the call and brought Pajama Boy in at the last minute to see his fellow terrorist meet his end.
Tell us what you really think, Sage........ ;-)
Take it easy on lois..... she is too unintelligent to realize how pathetic she is, so, like Biden, "She just cain't hep it!"
C'mon, Sharyl...... "seemed"?
When the tent cities of the formerly middle class destroyed by this administration's policies start popping up, I am sure that the now heavily armed BLM and Park Rangers will come in on horseback to drive them out, just like in the beginning of the "progressive" movement......
It's not that the debate is over, he just doesn't want to talk about it, as it exposes his lies every time it is scrutinized. 8 mil. enrollees? How many HAD insurance that lost it, how many have actually paid the first premium, how many signed up for Medicaid? All these factors debunk their claims. The President is trying to feed us buIIshite and convince us it's "wild apple butter".
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