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Columbia Professors Behaving Badly

Rick676 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 9:40 AM
Hold on a moment. This guy was going to lecture on Quantum Mechanics, which is a totally bizarre subject. I believe the purpose of this presentation was to grab the attention of the students (all adults), and introduce them to the idea that nothing is as it seems in quantum mechanics. Trying to understand the theory that all possibilities exist until something is observed,which locks it into that one state, is an anti-intuitive line of thinking. I believe this was his way of demonstrating that what they are going to hear will be as confusing as what they just saw. And he was trying to explain it in just one class, so he needed their attention and the open mind right away.

Last week, Columbia University professor and cop-killer cheerleader Marc Lamont Hill openly defended cop-killer Christopher Dorner by upholding him as a "superhero" and as "exciting." This week, another Columbia professor is in hot water for stripping down to his boxers, freaking out students and showing strange Nazi propaganda during class.

A science professor at Columbia University on Monday began a quantum mechanics lecture by stripping into his boxers and eating a banana while rap music played in the background.

Then it got weird.