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Selling Gold First

Rick4099 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 6:15 AM
Gold; The magic metal! The standard of the world! At least it is advertised as such. As a boy, I remember gold was $35.00 a troy ounce! It now has a price of $1,600.00; WHY? Very Simple; Politics, AND, Fear! And your "nest-egg" is losing value, every day! Politicians are getting richer every day! Our country is being tun by demographics, Food and Fuel; the life blood of of our country; watch the flucuations in their cost! Usually UP! Fortunately, even though the prices have risen; both are still available! only the "numbers" have changed. All other comments are rhetoric and hyperbole!

Gold is the place to be, or so they say. 

Yes, I’ve heard the well-stated arguments and they all come right from Economics 101.  It’s simple, really. 

If the world is awash in liquidity, it will ultimately be inflationary and then hyper-inflationary with too much money chasing too few goods (the traditional but inaccurate definition of inflation.) 

Therefore, fiat currency will lose its purchasing power while precious metals retain their purchasing power, a straightforward argument perhaps? 

The other side of the debate involves a technical analysis perspective. 

In 2011, gold made a parabolic move from...