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Obamacare Survives, but Political Playing Field Has Changed

Rick4099 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 7:52 AM
Yes! Let's Comment. And the results are; The stimulus; Solyndra; Obamacare; immigration; and on and on! None of the comments have had ANY effect on the workings of these politicians. Don't bother to mention Democrat or Republican; or any of the other generated titles. I believe all of these "comments" are used by the afflicted, and inspected word for word! If these afflicted are in need of a new slogan; Voila! Don't bother to mention "Republican" and "Democrat". Rhetoric and hyperbole are the order of the day. It is best if you do not understand. i. e.; the latest results from the Supreme Court! A defeat is broadcast as a victory; depending on ????! The next assault from our politicians; Freedom of speech! Meanwhile; Press "1" for

The Supreme Court's 5-4 decision upholding the Obama administration's health care legislation was a victory for the president, his administration and his party. Their most ambitious legislative achievement has not been nullified, and they are not left in obvious disarray.

But it is only a partial victory and in some ways not a victory at all, both in the short run electorally and in the long run in terms of the constitutional order.

Politically Obamacare, as its critics call it, remains highly unpopular. It's possible that the court decision will boost its support, but unlikely.

Most voters...