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Giving Thanks for America's Givers

Rick4099 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 7:10 AM
Give thanks to Americs's Givers? The Government, never will! Chatity is not a political word. How many Organizations have been formed; solely for helping people in need? Not enough room to list them here! The range of their efforts, are greater than ANY Health care company! AND, you don't need to give your life History and show your drivers license! I have NEVER heard a Politician, mention Service Organizations! I guess they never "Look Up", their minds are already focused on some bill with "options'! The People that want to "take care" of you, with Health Insurance, are the same people that send young people off to foreign Countries, to get killed! Soldiers have to review the "Rules of engagement"! Is this a late night comedy show?

Chandler Osborn, 14, watched Fox News coverage of Hurricane Sandy last week and decided to take action.

"Last weekend, me and my younger brother, Cooper, 7, did a fundraiser in Colorado Springs to help the people" affected by the storm, he told me. The siblings set up a table at the Colorado Springs Sugar Plum Festival, gave away patriotic car magnets and pins for any donations, and collected signatures on a giant banner of support for the victims. "We raised $612 in one weekend."

The Osborns joined countless Americans across the country who stepped up, in small and large ways, to...