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Run, Joe, RUN!!! We could all use a laugh after 6+ years of Incompetent In Chief doing his Occupy White House gig.
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Gold Medalists Will Owe the IRS Big Time

Rick3767 Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 5:49 PM
It fall under the "You didn't build that!" clause of the Constitution, or something like that.....
But, but,...... but how will Planned Genocide murder babies if the mothers won't let them? How will they make their millions of dollars off the death of infants if they don't repeal these bills? (sarc off, for lois)
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MSNBC Host: God Loves Obamacare

Rick3767 Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 9:33 AM
It's sad to see Ed deteriorate like this. He has nothing to support his assertions yet blurts them out anyway. At least he is on MSNBC where, other than sites like this, he is only exposed to 8 -12 viewers at any given moment, 6 of which are dogs unable to use the remote.
It is an allegory of how the politicians cover themselves as they are screwing you. See, it does educate about Obamacare!
"And unprotected sex is not responsible for pregnancies."
They are uniting in the fact that it is a political albatross for re-election. They are uniting in trying to devise a way to cover themselves for voting for this monstrosity. They are uniting behind the fact that Obama lied to them as well as the American people. DWS has naturally straight hair that only curls when she is lieing.
The only person dumber than this waste of oxygen is any person that cast a ballot for her.
Another liberal who has plumbed the depths of stupidity to firmly plant his flag at yet another low point. Is he vying with the Ed brand to see who can be confirmed as having an IQ lower than that of a Tic Tac?
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Polls: Young Voters Turn on Obama

Rick3767 Wrote: Nov 16, 2013 9:01 AM
Many 18-25 yr. olds are losing their insurance when their parents policies are cancelled due to ObamaNoCare. In another year, many more will lose their coverage when the employer mandate starts and millions more lose their policies. How's that Hopey Change thingy workin' for ya?
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