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Winning Ugly: Obama and the Fiscal Cliff

Rick 2811 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 7:31 AM
It's so incredible to see so many followers of Obama's words and hyperbole and not know the truth of his intentions...or do they? His history...his-story shows it to be almost always the direct opposite of what he states. There is just too much of that to ignore...and we learn more of it daily. Whether it's transparency, conducting the war, using Bush rules on fighting or taxes. In years to come a picture of Obama will be given when looking up the word "tepthlon" Obama will get taxes on everyone. That's his tax agenda only he calls it "taxing the rich." Everyone taxes will go doubt about it !!

By all accounts, President Obama won the fiscal cliff showdown. Why anyone would take much pride in this kind of "win" is beyond me. It's a bit like being the least filthy toddler in the mud pit.

One of the main reasons Obama won, according not only to Obama but an at times cheering press, is that he had a mandate. He ran on the need for the wealthy to "pay their fair share."

To his credit, Obama never said raising taxes on the "rich" will solve all of our problems. What he did say, however,...