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Why Conservatives Should Applaud the Movies of 2012

Rick 2811 Wrote: Dec 28, 2012 9:30 AM
Still with all this said, it's still hard to support, in anyway-especially with money, the left goof-balls in Hollywood. I do re-call one good thing about Steven Spielberg. He gave every high school in America a free copy of "Schindler's List." One of the best historical films of all time ! My history students saw it for years.

It isn’t unusual for an unsuspecting viewer to walk into a movie theater expecting two hours of mindless entertainment only to be surprised by a liberal political message that overshadows the proceedings. For instance, “Avatar” (2009) -- the highest-grossing movie of all time -- arrived in theaters with an environmental message that presented a false choice between environmental protection and the success of big business. 2012 also offered up its share of liberal-leaning films including “The Campaign,” “Big Miracle,” “The Obama Effect,” “Step-Up Revolution” and “Peace Love & Misunderstanding.” Fortunately, though, those smaller films were out-classed and out-numbered by many other...