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The Birds Returns: The Rerelease and The MSM Remake

Rick 2811 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 8:13 AM
How could a genius, we are assured of that time and time again {almost god-like} not possibly know what the debt was on taking office? Hmm...wait his own record shows that he really doesn't care what the debt was or maybe he was being truth to Letterman...who did know.

The Remake of Alfred Hitchcocks' 1963 classic The Birds is playing everywhere.

The original film was itself in select theaters across the country last night, part of TMC's special release of old blockbusters, and sure enough it entertained big screen audiences even as it did 49 years ago with the sudden, furious and even deadly attacks of gulls and crows on all manner of people in Bodega Bay, California, from school children to seamen to small town teacher and high society playgirl. It is too dated, too corny, to scare anymore, but it does entertain and often simply amuses for...