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Selective Thoughts

Rick 2811 Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 8:29 AM
All important points, yet to the left all rhetorical. My comment on just one: regarding Hillary {let me add Obama} and the job she's the world giving America more respect nowadays since Bush lives permanently in Texas? I'm thinking Mars might be ! The left even props up Rosie and know "The View."

Watching the protesters in Chicago, who are commonly referred to as the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, I am inclined to believe that we need to reinstitute the military draft for both boys and girls. It would make them into men and women.

Hillary Clinton continues to get plaudits for her work as Secretary of State, and as a result she is viewed very favorably by the public. But could someone please tell me what she has accomplished other than appeasing the pseudo-intellectuals of Europe who hated that cowboy from Texas.

Rarely have I been as impressed with a religious leader as...