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Putin Slams Obama's B.S.

Rick 2811 Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 10:35 AM
Of course the media has us {some} believing all foreigners "love" Obama...he's restored all the love and admiration for America lost by Bush. Also, keep in mind that Putin is wrong accusing Obama of anything because Obama always says, and the media {mostly} followers the parade, that he finds out most things when the public does. "I learned it, I think Friday, when the news came out." Putin, a foreigner, has a lot of nurse to try and hold Obama accountable. Remember this is after Obama's election and saying he'll have a lot "leeway dealing with Putin." he told the former Russian president...the hot mike..."Tell Vladamir....and besides how dare Putin say anything about American entering the Syrian civil war since they are using "gas warfare" {the red line} killing a hundred or so...we let them kill the other 93,000 plus and didn't re-act, but now that a hundred killed by gas we are in...very logical !